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I do not recommend this hostel. The hosts are extremely rude, even with the guests. I saw several situations that some guests felt disrespected. he spoke to one of the guests who gave a sex lesson and that the first class was free and asked if she wanted to enroll.and the owner spoke with another guest who would visit her in the room. They just kicked and they not wait even ultill i find somewhere to go.I did everything conform we agreed.So in the end I was blessed for being expelled and freed from living with these.I worked in family house in Rome was perfect.I am sure the problem was not me



El hostel tiene un ambiente super familiar y Alessandro te ayuda en lo que necesites (sea de trabajo o de donde ir a pasear o comer por Napoli) te hacen sentir como en casa. Las tareas son las típicas de limpieza, hacer camas, desayuno en fin ayudar en lo que se necesite. Es un muy lindo equipo y un ambiente super familiar!