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We are happy, warm and kind people, just trying to make this place work. The place opened in January 2023, but the restaurant has existed for some time, now we are in a new location, with more space, and more opportunity - we are excited and want to build something that we can all be proud of. Please know that the food we cook in the restaurant is vegan, but there is no requirement to be vegan or vegetarian yourself. But! We will show you some delicious dishes that we are sure you will enjoy meat-eater or not.

We work hard, and want to make the best of what we have. We value community and have many amazing friends who will also be helping us with the project. In our home, we want you to feel warm and welcome and really part of something and also able to share your skills, passions and interests with us. We have a puppy, and also a cat... and although they live in our place upstairs, they will be around in the common areas. We hope that's okay with you!

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Afif and Silea created a super warm welcoming space in their home and the food was epic. I definitely felt like our personalities were a great match and I had a ton of fun with everyone there playing cards, beating Afif at Risk(3x), or just having a chat in the garden with some beers. The work was straightforward and easygoing especially if you have worked in some sort of services environment. You will learn all the recipes because Afif will share this greatness with you but also will keep cooking new food. I feel really grateful for having the chance of working with these awesome people!

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Silea and Fefelicious have build something really inspiring here. They are super accommodating and relaxed people.

They encouraged rest when we got sick and urged us to take it easy even when returning to work.

Perfect gig for couples. We were able to arrange shifts together so we could maximise time off.

We we're feed incredibly well. A lunch meal would last me the day and honestly it's the most delicious and healthy food in San Cris.

Dorms are basic, next to road, but with tons of stoage and chill lounge in progess. Had some partying guests which was tough when ill, but happy to return!

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Silea and Afif are amazing people who care for their volunteers! Casa Jasmine is located within the centre of San Cristobal and the working hours allow you to explore the area. After work, the whole Casa Jasmine team socialises which creates a feeling of a little family away from home. Even though I got sick during my stay there, everyone was trying to help and care for me which I truly appreciated. I'd recommend participating in this project to everyone who is planning to stay for a bit in San Cristobal! Trust me, you'll never taste better tempeh anywhere else on this planet!

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I thoroughly enjoyed my time volunteering at Casa Jasmin and wished I could have stayed longer. Silea and Afif go above and beyond to ensure the volunteers feel comfortable. In addition to the shifts, there's plenty of free time to explore San Cris. The work is enjoyable, and the food is exceptional, I simply couldn't get enough of it. I've never experienced such comfortable beds while volunteering. A heartfelt thank you to you guys! ♡

hace 2 meses

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Thank you to Silea and Afif for everything! You guys and the environment you have created at Casa Jasmine are what made my time in San Cris so amazing. I will definitely be coming back to visit soon.

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