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Calm and beautiful surroundings perfect place to find peace and beauty. Very close to interesting historical places and also Rome is a very easy reach. Either Viterbo than the Tirrenean beaches are a few steps away. Ideal for digital nomads also.

Tree friendly and dogs and myself are looking to have you our guest. Life here goes very smoothly without heavy obligations and a great dose of independence.


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Been helping Francesca for two months and it’s been great. She helped me also with many of the personal stuff I had to do wich was a relief for me. The dogs are lovely and fun to be around. I really enjoyed taking care of them, feeding and making them run.
We spent Christmas with Francesca’s family and I felt included and at home, we had and amazing time.
The tasks aren’t complex and the house is cozy and warm. Francesca cooked many times amazing food and took me to know places from around.
Thanks Francesca for everything

hace 2 meses



Francesca started off nice and cooked good meals. This changed when a second volunteer began and she was incredibly rude and constantly yelling at her. Francesca was polite to me most of my stay however towards the end began to yell and contradict herself as she gave few tasks to complete, then began to shout and swear at us for not doing more work (I did offer). 1 day she became angry with the other volunteer and decided we both had to leave immediately without any explanation for myself. I would NOT recommend her. There is too small a limit to explain how horrible this was. Cute dogs though

hace 5 meses

Fraancesca respondido

The damages of the distraction about looking after the dogs is coasting me 700 USd $. Euro 560. I can send you the invoice. I am still crying. Thanks to you and colleague .
And there after I had only a couch potato only chatting at the phone and watching football lying on the sofa and waiting the meal to be served.
Also the private bedroom has been never cleaned, leaving the task.....
I can send you the invoice



Esta fue mi primera experiencia como voluntaria y no pudo haber sido mejor. Francesca siempre estuvo atenta a mis necesidades, me sentí todo el tiempo como en casa. Ella es muy flexible con los horarios y las tareas a realizar. Cuidar de los 3 hermosos perros que tiene no fue para nada difícil, los voy a extrañar mucho. Aprendí varias cosas con Francesca y sobre la cultura italiana. Poder relacionarme con locales, fue una gran experiencia cultural. Me voy muy agradecida y contenta por este voluntariado.

hace 6 meses



Una estadía en casa de Francesca fenomenal. Verdaderamente una convivencia de trabajo y disfrute en equipo. Ideal para quien quiera estar en contacto con la naturaleza en un pequeño pueblo con personas muy gentiles. Gracias!!

hace 9 meses



Mi experiencia en Marta no pudo ser mejor, Francesca es una mujer increíble y muy atenta, siempre estuvo al pendiente de cómo me sentía y de si necesitaba algo. Tuve la oportunidad de coincidir con su hija y su nieta y me sentí una más de la familia, los perros son muy amorosos, y Marta no puede ser más hermoso, me regaló los mejores atardeceres, estoy muy agradecida! Los llevo siempre en mi corazón ♥️

hace 11 meses

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