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Casa Nook es una experiencia, no es un hostel, no es un hotel, es realmente una "casa" donde el ambiente que se mantiene es siempre hogareño, tranquilo, respetuoso y comfortable. Esto hace que los huéspedes que llegan también sean asi, ya que ellos se adaptan a la energía que se crea en la casa.
Quien gusta de la tranquilidad, la serenidad, lejos del ambiente de ciudad, el cooperar en las tareas de la casa con amor, ver la vida o el camino desde otro ángulo, mas suave, mas conectado... es para quien gusta de hacer las cosas con amor y respeto.
So glad and greatful to do this choice!

hace 3 meses



Casa NOOK is great, beautiful and really organized, Thomas is great, was always by my side asking and looking for the best experience. The job is great, prepare the breakfast is easy. The only thing is the room, is underground, there's no sunlight and no wind, the bathroom sometimes smells bad. But it is a room just for you and this is really rare as a volunteer. I recommend this volunteer to people that likes to surf.

* You need to know how to drive to get this volunteer!!

hace 9 meses

Casa respondido

Dear Julia,

Thank you for your valuable feedback regarding your experience at Casa Nook. We appreciate your kind words about the overall organisation of our establishment and the support provided by Tomas. We are pleased to hear that you found the job of preparing breakfast to be easy and enjoyable.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the underground room lacking natural sunlight and ventilation. We understand the importance of a comfortable living space, and we appreciate your understanding that having a room to yourself as a volunteer is a rare opportunity. Your feedback regarding the bathroom odor is duly noted, and we will address this issue promptly to ensure a more pleasant experience for future volunteers.

We also appreciate your note about the requirement of driving to access our volunteer program. We will ensure clearer communication regarding this requirement to avoid any confusion in the future.

We genuinely value your time and efforts as a volunteer at Casa Nook. Your recommendation for this opportunity to surf enthusiasts is highly appreciated.

Once again, we thank you for your contribution, and we hope to have the opportunity to welcome you back or host other volunteers in the future.

Best regards,