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We are 15 minutes from a skiing mountain and 30 minutes from the sea, the region is beautiful. you can connect with nature, take classes in English, painting and carpentry, you can really develop any skill you want.

You will be part of the family, we can walk in the mountains, paint and build together, we also take care of abandoned pets, and now I have a project to build an iron age hut.

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Staying with Roy was the highlight of my trip to Italy! I had high expectations for my time here, but I never thought I would find a home away from home. Roy is a very kind and enthusiastic person. The tasks are constantly changing but they are never too hard and they are all enjoyable. He also introduced me to a bunch of locals, which allowed me to practice my Italian. Come here if you are looking to establish a friendship and spend quality time getting to know your host. If you are looking for an impersonal experience, this is not a good place for you.

hace 3 meses

roy respondido

luz it was a pleasure and a easy task you brought light my only part was to help it shine you are welcome any time

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Roy was very welcoming and helpful, the work was mostly light housekeeping and some gardening with very flexible daily hours. I had a chance to travel in Italy, meet the locals in Pretoro and look after animals throught my stay. Facilities were basic but a lovely home.

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Roy is polite, likes to talk and is an excellent cook! He is English, so it is great to improve the language. The work is related to the house, cleaning, garden, taking care of the dogs and collecting eggs. Roy also works as a pet hotel. The room I stayed was comfortable and gave me privacy. The tasks were always negotiated and it was possible to balance and have time to walk around and explore Pretoro. There were cultural differences, but Roy and I always talked and solved it There were many personal experiences and learnings! I enjoyed our dinners and glasses of wine listening to music :)

hace 6 meses

roy respondido

dear maria thats a lovely suming up of your time here with us me and my babys , it was a great and happy experiance for me good luck with you future travels , and progects roy x



I am not that good with words but I don't think there are words enough to explain my experience. Roy is the most fantastic host and cares for you like family. It was my first time traveling alone and I was unsure at first but he make me feel at home from the beginning. The jobs are easy and the animals are lovely, there is a lot of free time but the area is magical, you really get in touch with nature and relax. You are amazing Roy, I'm sorry that the stay turned out shorter than expected but I'm coming back someday. Thanks for this opportunity and wearewe!

hace 9 meses

roy respondido

i the same can not finds words big enough to exspress my joy to have you help me but not only help but we felt like famely or so my dogs and cats tell me ariverci we will meet again



My monthly stay in Pretoro has been one of most wonderful experiences in my life. I have met a lot of people and spent such a nice time with Roy. He taught me a lot about cooking, gardening, carpentry and english language. Hours of work were extremely flexible and we were planning everything together. Roy is such an understanding, caring and charismatic person. It was a pure peasure to spend whole days at the beach or in the garden with him.

hace 9 meses

roy respondido

it was such a plesure for me tooand showed me that there is slill kindness and caring is still with us after covid

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