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Will never forget the time spent with Gheorghe & Adelina! They made this experience very special. The work was a mix between yard and house work in preparation for winter and guests arriving. Highly recommend to anyone :)

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We had the most amazing time volunteering with Gheorghe & Adelina! They were such wonderful hosts & made sure we had a great experience. Gheorghe & Adelina went above & beyond by planning day trips for us to explore their beautiful country & attend local festivals on our days off. The work was fair & varied depending on what was needed that day, usually between house & yard work. I highly recommend volunteering with them for an unforgettable experience!

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Georghe and Adeline were super friendly and attentive host. I can only recommend staying at casa traditionale to everyone who likes to take off from busy day to day life.

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I stay for a month in Casa Tradiationala Ardeleana. Is a very big house, with a huge back yard, lot of trees and one of the most wonderful thing is they grow their own veggies, so you have the chance to eat organic food and that was awsome!!
With Adelina and Gheorghe we went to make some trips around to get to know the area and that was very nice. Adelina has a perfect english, she is very inteligent and knows a lot about the area, so while we were traveling she explain me a lot of things of the cities and their culture.
They are always interested you have a good time and enjoy your stay 😃🌻

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My experience it was great! I really enjoyed to be there. We drank milk directly from the cow, ate cheese handmade and you can also walk around a have a picnic, there’s a lot of animals too. The people there was so welcomed, there’s Ukrainians there living and it was really great spend my time with them, also we went to the city Satu Mare and we have a great time.

For the job it was kinda complicated in the beginning we couldn’t do a lot because we didn’t have experience with gardening but George gave us some painting work and photographies one and it worked, make sure to do a good job!

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