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Join our team and be part of an incredible opportunity to build something special! Volunteer at our surf/hike/yoga hostel, where your creativity can shine. With meals included and a comfortable bed in a shared dormitory, unleash your talents, collaborate with a passionate team, and create a unique experience for travelers. Make memories, forge connections, and leave your mark on our exciting journey!

Hello there! I'm Ollie, the new owner of Casanaga in Tenerife. My love for travel, adventure, and music led me to embark on a journey to pursue my dream here. Casanaga is the result of my passion for creating a unique haven that combines the natural beauty of Tenerife with a vibrant community atmosphere. With our new team, we're on an exciting journey to build something truly special. While our website is still in progress, this early stage means there might be a quieter atmosphere. If you're not seeking peace and quiet, then Casanaga might not be the right fit for you. We're looking for volunteers who are eager to be part of a dynamic and creative team, making a real impact. Music holds a special place in my heart, and at Casanaga, we embrace its power to bring people together. Alongside our surf, hike, and yoga offerings, we aim to create memorable musical experiences that enrich the spirit of our community. At Casanaga, our focus is on fostering connections and providing an unforgettable experience for our guests. We're dedicated to creating a welcoming environment where travelers can feel at home and forge meaningful connections with like-minded adventurers. Your creativity and ideas will be invaluable in shaping our vision as we move forward together. We're not just building a surf/hike/yoga hostel; we're creating a community that celebrates the spirit of exploration, encourages personal growth, and shares the joy of music. If you're ready to join our vibrant team, working alongside me and fellow passionate individuals, then Casanaga is the perfect place for you. Let's come together, make memories, and bring Casanaga to life, one remarkable experience at a time

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Mi primer voluntariado y no podría haberme llevado mejor experiencia desde el principio casanaga se siente como una familia y te ayudan en todo momento., nos veremos pronto. Cualquier persona que este en duda que se lance a dar el paso porque no se van a arrepentir de la experiencia.
Gracias a todas las personas que me ayudaron a disfrutar de este viaje

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Casanaga was my first volunteer placement and I could have asked for a better one! The hostel is beautiful located close to the beach and mountains, with a beautiful view of the ocean. Ollie and the other volunteers and guests, made the place feel like home and I’m forever grateful for the time spent there. The work was fair compared to all the benefits we received and flexible in case of wanting to plan any trips to other places on the island. Casanaga will forever be in my heart<3

hace 9 días

Estados Unidos


Such an amazing and magical experience at Casanaga! I got to be with a diverse team of volunteers that felt like family while singing and going to the beach every day together! The work at the hostel is straightforward and pretty enjoyable! You also meet new people everyday at the hostel and are able to learn about their cultures. So many amazing core memories make here! I recommend this experience everyone if you want a slice of paradise with amazing people. Thank you, Casanaga and Ollie for all the fun times!!

hace 12 días

Oliver respondido

Caitlyn, you were such a light to Casanaga and you are going to continue doing amazing things in your life! We are already missing you and your desserts. Keep being amazing!



I truely loved my time at Casanaga, it was an incredible experience, with an amazing group that worked so well together. For the vast majority of my stay it never even felt like work. I loved every second of being there, and have recommended to everyone I’ve met since. Ollie is a legend, and everyday I wanted to put my energy into the hostel, bc I knew how special it was and it did so much for me.

hace 1 mes

Nueva Zelandia


I absolutely recommend volunteering here! The location is incredible and you will meet amazing people from all over the world. You can bring a lot of ideas and creativity and Ollie will always be open to them. When there were any issues, Ollie was always receptive to feedback. The nature is breathtaking, the food delicious and the people you volunteer with become your family <3

hace 2 meses

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