We are ideally situated for getting to know Dublin. The centre is 8km by bus. We are also an ideal base for trips to other parts of Ireland (being near the Red Cow interchange)and we are a 5 euro coach ride from Dublin airport. We are part of Dublin city but there is a village atmosphere, great pubs, Aras Chronain Irish Cultural institute, one of the best preserved round towers in Ireland and our house is just beside a fourteenth century tower house -- which accounts for the name of our place Castlefield. We are right beside a public library where you can have access to English language books, periodicals, classes and cultural activities as well as computers.

We are a farm enterprise with a house and yard on the outskirts of Dublin. We have a smallholding in County Kildare and a peat bog where we have traditionally produced peat and timber for our own use and for sale. Depending on the weather and the time of year our activity is divided between Dublin and Kildare. For some years now we have not been producing peat on the bog and have begun a project to turn the smallholding into an organic garden with an adjoining peaty area for specific acid soil plants on the fringe of the bog. The remainder will be preserved as perpetual raised bogland with its natural flora. We are committed to sustainable methods of working and living. We recycle our rubbish and we use recycled materials as far as we can for repairs to the farm buildings or on the land. We do not use any chemicals either in the garden or on the land. We are looking for able bodied helpers to assist us and our staff, Irish and international, in our enterprise and with our project. We like meeting people from different cultures and will take an interest in your English studies if that is your objective. If you need to do a stage abroad to fulfill the requirements of your course: we are willing to let you combine your stay with a stage so long as your school agrees to the stage content as specified by us, which is essentially a farm household post with the emphasis on practical duties, cultural interchange and learning English. If you want to avail of the opportunity to combine your stay with a formal stage you need to arrange for your school to send us the documentation IN ADVANCE. It will be too late once you are here.

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