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The charity: We are a non-profit organisation offering a year-round programme of study in Buddhism ( specifically the Kadampa lineage). Visitors can come for themed retreats or meditation weekends as well as help with the general running of the place between retreat sessions. Visitors can also come to help in a broader and more sustained way at any time of the year. As a volunteer, you have free access to the noontime meditations (guided) and all evening teachings (in French). These are Buddhist insights for everyday life and for learning to solve our problems in a new way.
We do not organise or teach yoga, tai chi or other practices because, as Buddhists, we do not practice them.

The grounds: The Château is located in the heart of a magnificent 6-hectare estate, including gardens and forest. The main building, with its 19th century architecture, has been almost completely renovated and modernized, offering comfortable rooms and functional and cosy shared spaces (cafeteria, boutique, terrace, dining hall, etc.). The castle is surrounded by a moat, adding to the charm of what already seems to be a timeless place.

A small community of monks, nuns and laypeople live on site, either on a short or long term basis, all studying Kadampa Buddhism and contributing their time voluntarily to the smooth running of the place. A group of Buddhist students living in the surrounding towns and villages also actively help to maintain the spiritual activities whenever they can. In addition, anyone staying at the Meditation Centre, whether or not they are participating in retreats, is invited to help in various ways. Thus, volunteers from all over the world come throughout the year to help with various tasks, such as catering or housekeeping. They usually stay for several weeks and can choose whether or not they want to be among the community. Everyone can easily feel at home, while respecting the rules of the group to preserve the harmony of the institution. Although we do our best to maintain a peaceful and caring atmosphere, the daily routine can be more or less demanding for participants, depending on the programme and the particular retreats being held.

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My 1st experience as a volunteer couldn’t be better! The stuff is friendly, the work hours and the days off are respected, the room was clean & quiet. Was a perfect place to relax.
As a personal experience, the volunteers I met there made my experience 5x better!

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It was a really peaceful experience. The staff and all volunteers were very kind and make you feel at home. We didn’t speak much to the main staff during our stay other than when we arrived. The volunteering tasks are very easy and training is given to show you what to do when you start. 20 minute walk away from the supermarket and location bakery. The best time to stay is for less than a month if you don’t have a car because it is quite hard to access the train station on your day off (1 hour 30 walk to the station and 2 buses out of town a day) Thank you Kadampa for our stay in February :)

hace 6 días



Fue una experiencia muy placentera, siendo mi primer voluntariado.
Las actividades son fáciles de entender y de llevar a cabo, dentro de diferentes áreas para no caer en la rutina. Siempre se respetan los horarios asignados.
Conocí personas muy agradables, de diferentes países... permitiendo así un intercambio cultural mutuo y un ambiente más ameno.
No me queda más que agradecer por sus atenciones.
Espero estar de vuelta muy pronto.
Merci. (:

hace 12 días



Estuve un mes en KMC, las actividades fueron variadas para no caer en la rutina, se respetó los tiempos establecidos, las actividades son fáciles.
Conocí voluntarios muy lindos que hicieron mi estadía más placentera. Todo el equipo de KMC fue amable en todo momento, en especial Gyalwang que siempre estuvo para escucharnos. Gracias.

hace 17 días



El Centro de Meditación Kadampa Francia es un lugar increíble. Desde las instalaciones hasta la gente que trabaja aquí todo los días y también los otros voluntarios y toda la gente que ayuda y colabora para que esta lugar funcione. Todo el tiempo me sentí acompañada, escuchada, conviví con gente de muchos países y juntos compartiendo nuestras diferentes culturas, historias y aventuras. Agradezco de todo corazón hacer conocido este lugar y muchas gracias por recibirme!

hace 20 días

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