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We are located 3 hours from Machupicchu and 4 hours from Cusco. If you come from Cusco, you can take a public bus (20 soles) or a private car (35 soles). We are surrounded by a lot of beautiful nature, waterfalls and walks that you can explore in the mornings before work or on your days off. If you are looking for a true cultural experience, Quillabamba is the place to come.

Teach music, drawing, origami, crafts (coffe beans, you learn here do that) then you teach Quillabamba (known as the Eternal Summer City for its perfect tropical climate) is a beautiful community, full of friendly people. You will have the opportunity to meet the locals who can invite you to go hiking to some of the dozens of waterfalls in the area, swim in one of the 5 pools in the city, enjoy the weekend festivities, go shopping at one of the two times. - Weekly farmers markets, take a weekend trip to Machu Picchu or the natural hot springs of Santa Teresa, or taste the coffee and chocolate for which Quillabamba is famous. The city is surrounded by small family farms where they grow oranges, bananas, tomatoes, avocados, pineapples, mangoes, coconuts, papayas, cocoa, coffee and much more. While we do not require volunteers to speak Spanish, it is recommended to know some basic Spanish in order to communicate more easily with your students. In addition to the Spanish classes, you have the opportunity to complete a complete Peruvian immersion, which is ideal for those who want to learn or improve Spanish, as well as for those who are looking for a cultural exchange. We need people who can serve as assistants in the classes of the children. There is an average of 8 children per class where we try to include children with autism or learning difficulties, with some different ability. They are taught through art (music, origami, crafts, ballet, painting) how to adapt and be part of a group without feeling excluded. The volunteer must learn to conduct these small workshops for children following the guidance of the principal. You will be a support and will take care of 5 children, if you knew anything else or had any activity to teach, it would be nice to learn this things


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Mis 2 meses en QuillArt me trajeron muchas experiencias inolvidables. La ciudad de Quillabamba es increíble y la escuela QuillArt nos hace conocer gente maravillosa. Jennifer y Darsy aman lo que hacen y nos reciben con los brazos abiertos, es posible sentir que nos quieren allí. Somos muy bienvenidos y respetados. Es super posible practicar español porque siempre nos ayudan, incluidos los niños de la escuela, lo que, por cierto, hace que nuestra estancia sea aún más cálida. En QuillArt tenemos una rutina, y eso nos hace sentir como en casa, tanto que para mí ya son mi familia de Peru.

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Mi experiencia en Quillart fué excelente... Los chicos te llenan el corazón!... Se trabaja en armonía y los fines de semana los tienes libres para conocer cosas maravillosas alrededor de la ciudad... Me sentí muy cómoda en cada clase... Espero alguna vez poder volver! ❣️

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