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(UPDATE We are now looking for Volunteers from April 21st for 4 weeks)

Safe travel's and we wish you all wonderful adventures this year.

Are you looking for a home away from home, a place to stay and connect with other volunteers from around the world.
Here we consider ourselves a family and look out for each other both during our working hours and free time.
Our staff building is separate from the main center with its own facilities such as kitchen washing, machine, showers and a common space for fitness and yoga so its easy to disconnect and feel at ease during your free hours.

During the week we like to have occasional social events and private dinners together along with poetry nights, music workshops, arts and crafts basically anything that brings us together (or take some time to yourself in your room, we also have two cats that will be happy to take it easy with you day or night, please take this into consideration if you have any allergies)

You can spend your free days hiking, exploring the surround area, there are some beautiful waterfalls along the main river close by (only a 30min walk) with many pools and hiking trails, not to mention lake Orta with its many beautiful villages to explore. There is a supermarket close by if you need anything extra (20min walk downhill to the lake)
There is a train station in walking distance also so you can travel further afield on your days off, only a 2 hour trip to Milan or Turino or a 5min train ride to the beautiful Village of Orta where you can walk through the scenic Italian cobbled streets and stop for a glass of wine or coffee by the breathtaking views from the lake side.

We’re located in the green hills, right by the village of Pratolungo. Surrounded by trees, plants, cats and peafowl, with the lake and the wild mountains as a breathtaking backdrop. For decades we’ve been fortunate to have helpers from across the world come here and be a part of our team, and together we’ve ensured that CENTRO D’OMPIO has developed into one of the leading international seminar centers. We’re known worldwide for our hospitality, joy and creativity. Each month, our small core staff welcomes between 5 – 10 helpers with different backgrounds, various ages, skills and nationalities to be part of our daily operation. You’ll get: FREE VEGETARIAN FOOD FREE HOUSING (Nice warm showers!) FREE WIFI AMAZING NATURE FRIENDSHIP ACROSS NATIONS, CULTURES AND BACKGROUNDS. Lodging is provided in our volunteer house, Casa Bisetti, a rustic, charming Italian farmhouse, just a fifteen minutes walk through the village and between a few farms from CENTRO D’OMPIO, this is a short but steep walk so please consider that we are in the mountains and good pair of shoes will help. At Casa Bisetti the rooms are shared, varying in sizes. Together we’ll work in areas such as: DISHWASHING GARDEN WORK PAINTING KITCHEN HELP CARPENTRY HOUSEKEEPING FORESTRY Among our frequent clients, we find groups offering YOGA, MEDITATION, CONSCIOUSNESS TRAINING. If the schedule allows it, you can participate in these workshops. We also have a SWIMMING POOL that is absolutely refreshing on hot summer days. You'll work on a 5-5 schedule, five days a week for five hours. The rest of the time is yours. This is brief idea of what you'll have here (made by one of our best working guests): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCgXfnFx7uw Interested? Of course you are. Questions? We'll answer them.

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Hi! First let me tell you that with only 600 characters I can't express all the things I got from this volunteering but I'll try my best

Centro is a place deeply connected with nature, with stunning views and many (+10) peacocks around. Also is where you'll enjoy delicious meals

My experience here wouldn't be so lovely if it wasn't for Michael, Gareth, Katy, Lisa, Mano, Eli, Erez, Juan, Jodie, Kachi, Ama, etc. Everyone is so supportive, caring, willing to help, full of life and veeery funny

If you're thinking to apply, do it, it'll changed your life as it did for me

hace 5 días



It was an incredible experience, I met people that I will cherish for the rest of my life, and Pettenasco and the region are uniquely beautiful. The bisetti house was a second home, I loved every moment together. And the work is smooth! It was without a doubt one of the best choices I could make.

hace 1 mes

Reino Unido


No words can capture how much love and gratitude I have for this place and it’s people. I extended my stay by 2 weeks and if I could, I would stay forever (see you in 6 months)

The work is as described and so reasonable considering what you get in return; a room, delicious cooked meals, beautiful scenery, animals and being surrounded by wonderful company.

S/O to Michael, a literal angel. He is such a kind soul and cares SO much about the volunteer experience (&makes delicious coffees and pancakes). Also to Katy, for her energy love for life which are contagious.

Centro, thank you!!

hace 2 meses



This experience was incredible I could not recommend it enough! Michael and the whole team were great. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly and this is an experience I’ll never forget. The work was fairly easy and everything was explained to you clearly. The housing and rooms were great. If you get the opportunity to work here you will absolutely love every minute of it.

hace 2 meses



I cannot write everything I have learned in this volunteering because it would not fit here, I will only say that my time there has been one of the best experiences and I left a little piece of my heart there.

hace 2 meses

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