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HELLO, helpers from around the world! Looking for food for the MIND, BODY and SOUL? Traveling the world and need a place to RESET? Searching for the REAL you? Studying online courses and need NEW scenery? Wanting to connect with NATURE? Need CREATIVE impulses? Or just looking to meet PEOPLE from allover the world in a CALM atmosphere where the mountains meet one of Italy's most pristine lakes? Then come help us at CENTRO D’OMPIO located in northern Italy, with a stunning view of the picturesque Lago d’Orta and a short walk from a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We’re located in the green hills, right by the village of Pratolungo. Surrounded by trees, plants, cats and peafowl, with the lake and the wild mountains as a breathtaking backdrop. For decades we’ve been fortunate to have helpers from across the world come here and be a part of our team, and together we’ve ensured that CENTRO D’OMPIO has developed into one of the leading international seminar centers. We’re known worldwide for our hospitality, joy and creativity. Each month, our small core staff welcomes between 6 – 12 helpers with different backgrounds, various ages, skills and nationalities to be part of our daily operation. You’ll get: FREE VEGETARIAN FOOD FREE HOUSING (Nice warm showers!) FREE WIFI AMAZING NATURE FRIENDSHIP ACROSS NATIONS, CULTURES AND BACKGROUNDS. Lodging is provided in our volunteer house, Casa Bisetti, a rustic, charming Italian farmhouse, just a fifteen minutes walk through the village and between a few farms from CENTRO D’OMPIO. At Casa Bisetti the rooms are shared, varying in sizes. Together we’ll work in areas such as: DISHWASHING GARDEN WORK PAINTING KITCHEN HELP CARPENTRY HOUSEKEEPING FORESTRY Among our frequent clients, we find groups offering YOGA, MEDITATION, CONSCIOUSNESS TRAINING. If the schedule allows it, you can participate in these workshops. We also have a SWIMMING POOL that is absolutely refreshing on hot summer days. You'll work on a 5-5 schedule, five days a week for five hours. The rest of the time is yours. We are looking for people interested in starting from now (May 2021) and throughout the 2021 season. We currently need 2 volunteers to help in the kitchen, 2 volunteers to help cleaning inside and outside areas, and one multidisciplinary person that would be able to help from handyman jobs to managing the bar. This is brief idea of what you'll have here (made by one of our best working guests): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCgXfnFx7uw Interested? Of course you are. Questions? We'll answer them. Send us a short bio and you'll hear back from us shortly!

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I felt very welcomed by the staff from day 1, the nature surrounding the place is gorgeous and the food was really good! We would always talk things through! Because I went there in the low season, I mainly got to do deep cleaning around Centro and Bisetti, which wasn't that fun, and it could get a bit boring in Bisetti sometimes as well, because it is in such an isolated place and we weren't that many people by that time. Regardless, I still got to meet incredible humans who I lived cheerful moments with that I'll never forget :))
I must say the kitchen in Bisetti isn't the cleanest.

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Beautiful experience. Centro D’Ompio has been receiving working guests or volunteers for more than 30 years. The weekly work shifts are a week in advance delivered and tasks are clearly communicated.
Ideal place to connect with nature and practice english. I arrived in a low season month, so there weren’t many other volunteers around, making the place quieter.
Special mention to the Centro staff that made me feel like home, it has been a pleasure! I’m sure I’m coming back soon

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Such a incredible experience, was possible to me learn about my self and improve my English, I loved the place, the staff and other volunteers were amazing, I truly recommend the experience

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This was my first WP exp. I didn't have any complaints throughout. The team is very welcoming, the food's amazing, and the place is beautiful. There's not much work and you can explore many hiking trails nearby. I wish them the very best🔥

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my experience in Centro was cool. I have met nice people and got the opportunity to live immersed in nature. I have done mostly cleaning and making beds. Magda is amazing person. I enjoyed working with her. others are also kind and helpful.
Casa Bisetti is little bit neglected. the kitchen is dirty and it was cold.
if you don't go to the centre to eat, you are not allowed to touch the food or take something to cook for yourself without permission unlike other hosts where I had the right to eat whatever I want when I want and grocery was done for volunteers so that they eat full 3 meals.

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