Centro Ecologico Ananda Nikunja

To be able to have the satisfaction to build up something from virtually nothing. To enjoy the daily routine of yoga and meditation of between 2-3 hours in the morning. Being with good Nicaraguans around that respect tourists and can learn from them how to cultivate vegetables without chemicals. Being able to teach about 120 kids of a primary school good things and to care for their environment as well as to other schools.

you will wake up at anywhere between 5 and 7 to join one of the many yoga routines I offer. we take breakfast together and do some work and at 12:00 I will cook and we eat lunch at 13:00 clean and rest a bit until 14:00 we continue for 2-3 hours. On weekends we explore some place outside, a petroglyph or the beach by car or bus...


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Ótima experiência com o monge Dada , Ananda Marga é uma organização não governamental que trabalha para disseminar a paz e o amor entre as pessoas.
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