Change The World Hostels - Açores - Ponta Delgada

We are a comfortable hostel located in Ponta Delgada, in the São Miguel Island, 20 minutes from the historical city centre. If you are willing to help while getting to know new people from all over the world and experiencing the real life in an island, we will be more than happy to welcome you!

The volunteers will integrate a small but very friendly and cheerful team, committed to making this hostel one of the most famous in the city for its welcoming and friendliness. They will be treated with all courtesy as if they were from the house.

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Essa foi minha primeira experiência como voluntária e foi simplesmente perfeita. O pessoal aqui é muito acolhedor, Carolina e Liliana são simplesmente maravilhosas, super acessíveis, prestativas e flexíveis. Inclusive quero fazer um agradecimento especial, porque graças a abertura e disposição delas, fiz minha primeira palestra Internacional. Os dias aqui foram maravilhosos, assim como as pessoas! Me senti em casa e super acolhida. Recomendo aos próximos voluntários escolherem um logno período, não cometam o mesmo erro que eu, o tempo passa muito rápido e nem dá vontade de ir embora. Voltarei

hace 15 días



I enjoyed my stay in this hostel on the Sao Miguel island. Everything was organized properly: I received a schedule of my hours for the whole month, and there is also a clear to-do list for your shifts. The work is quite easy, but a bit monotonic, so I don't recommend staying a very long period if you don't like that. The owners communicate well and were nice, but of course find it important that you stick to the details. What I loved most was meeting so many international travellers. The island is very beautiful so I definitely recommend to fans of nature. Overall it was a good experience!

hace 30 días



San Miguel is really beautiful island and hostel is close to the central area. Work was easy, but quite monotonic and also depends on the season. Hosts were little bit strict to the details. But overall I would recommend to going there.

hace 2 meses



I recommend this experience to everyone! The hosts, Carolina, Liliana and Igor are super friendly, welcoming and understanding. I met a lot of amazing people, both volunteers and guests! The place is close to the city centre and the island is amazing. It was my first experience with Worldpackers and it went better than expected! Thank you for everything <3

hace 3 meses



I'm very happy to have come here!!!

Everything was super organized, the to-do list, schedules and volunteering routines, these were days full of connection, learning and joy.

Azores is incredible, beautiful landscapes, stories and cultures.

hace 4 meses

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