Chateau de Sacy

because it's oozes calm yet is very close to at least two illustrious tourist spots: the chateau de Chantilly and chateau de Compiegne, not to forget Senlis. All within 20km that may be reached by train / bikes / buses on days off. Or else Paris, which is 35 minutes by train from station of Pont Sainte-Maxence, 7km away.

Volunteers have participated in the life of the chateau for the past 25 years and are treated as guests, with access to bicycles, billiards and table tennis


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The château is a place that is located in the middle of nowhere,
So if your purpose is to save money, definitely this place helps you a lot since you do not have nearby places to go and spend money as it could happen if you are in a city.
Regarding the hostess, she is a rather kind lady, who gives you the 3 meals of the day, however, patience is not the greatest of her virtues. I do not consider myself the best of the volunteers, but on 3 occasions, she for lack of patience, yelled at me what I felt was a lack of respect, although she realized it and apologized.

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Madame Hermine é uma excelente pessoal, uma senhora que já recebe voluntários a 14anos.

O château fica distante de tudo, a cidade chama Sacy le Petit, uma gracinha, porém, não tem nada (farmácia, mercado,padaria)

O trabalho nem sempre é leve. Eu peguei jardinagem, mas fiz de tudo, limpeza interna, limpar quartos, limpar janelas, arar o quintal, fazer cimento, ajudar a carregar peso, lixar e polir o chão, ir de bicicleta nas cidades próximas pra ir comprar leite, legumes , ir ao correio e a padaria.

Meu celular quebrou e a madame me emprestou gentilmente o tablet :)

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