Next to la peña de Bernal We protect a big land on rehabilitation as we develop it towards a sustainable and balanced environment. It has great views everywhere around, amazing, dazzling and unique personalities and visitors, within a mystic and mysterious environment Many activities, many shores, many quests... we try to improve our environment,our general state along as we are protecting, studing and sharing for a better and more sustaintable living in the surroundings of la peña and its communities. For a safer, happier, healthier and more conscious future. BTW there is tons of climbing, temazcales, retreats and many projects developing around environmental study and rehab, sustaintable technologies and heritage preservation too.

My family and i welcome you for a great experience and contributing in the best possible ways is such a great but beautiful task. We manage visitor from all over the world in camp, hostal and 2 new villas. Little by little we have more responsibilities and tasks counting in the public/visitor side but also the protection and work on the land represents a big part on which we are glad to receive outside contributors.

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Mano de Cocina Tareas domésticas Personal de Mantenimiento Limpieza

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