Clever Kids School

Here you can help the community teaching kids or just helping teachers while you live the real Tanzanian life into the community. Your fee is not going to suspected organizations but directly to your host family and school. You can enjoy the touristic places near here, like Mount Kilimanjaro, Safaris and many others, we can give you tips. Cultural exchange and learning opportunities: Our volunteers will be benefited from different things in our organization as the first they will learn African culture so as they can enjoy their staying with African people because they will be knowledgeable about African culture like living style, cooking style, wearing style without forgetting we will provide a Swahili lesson for them so as they can be good Swahili speakers and communicate with African people through Swahili language. During their days off we will take our volunteers in different places for having lessons as well as to refresh their minds places like national museum to learn some historical events our country and other things, we will take them around some place special for having a look on some reptiles and amphibians like snakes, big to small lizards,crocodiles and others, also some places for swimming, in different places to interact with Africans and experiencing how are they conducting their activities.etc. Also in Tanzania we are blessed of having different national parks so if our volunteers will be interested in visiting those national parks we will arrange it and visiting one among those national parks or even two up to three national parks in our country. Through these things we are believing that our volunteers will not only enjoy their staying with us but also they will learn a lot of things within our country through our organization and that is what we need and we are double sure that together we will make it nothing they should worry about.

Volunteers here are treated like family. People (mainly the children) love and appreciate a lot the volunteers, because we know how much tourist's and volunteer's help are important for us. You always can ask help for your host family or people from school, but you will be in a calm and safe place. You can help us with your skills. If have any special thing, tell us about it! Type of help Teaching Babysitting / child care Charity work Language practice Cooking / shopping General Maintenance Farmstay Help with Eco project Help in the house Animal care Helping with Tourists Art project Building Other Help with Computers / internet Let me take this opportunity again to welcome all volunteers from all around the world as we are assisting and begging for volunteers as soon as possible. welcome you all and we love you at all.

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