Columbus American School

I can that Honduras has a lot to show and I'm willing to take them to always know what you can and treat best with your most important expenses on their travels, which is where it is spent, and I think abroad is what most likes

We are a family of a daughter and a member to which we help why is rescued is 6 years old, work in school in my case 30 years ago in the case of my husband 16 years ago, living in an ecological reserve, surrounded by many wild animals Pinos vintners, preschool etc..Estudie parks I have been to many countries both European, central America, North America and some Asian countries, pSYCHOLOGY, I am currently American resident, I love my country but my daughters took the desicion of it was resident, I have a daughter in Atlanta there I have a house where my daughter lives, I decided to open a bilingual school for poor people, but I wish with all my heart that my children improve English because teachers are Honduran native who studied English in Honduras and do not have the fluidity we want as my children deserve, their parents are making a great sacrifice, and we are trying to give them the best and what we want is that native speakers of English prepare them

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