Columbus Rooftop Hostel

At Columbus you will join part of a huge community of Gran Canaria island. Our place is fun, sunny most of the time during the year. The island has a lot of micro climates, you can enjoy hiking in mountains, different types of sport, socialising with guests, find new friends. Volunteers are part of the hostel family, we make sure they have everything they need to feel comfortable here. To extend their skill, comfort zone, language exchange, travelling experiences. Here you will get to know a wider variety of people doing the exact same thing as you, join part of a wider community on the island, get involved.

First and foremost in the building everybody is treated with complete and utter respect. Kindness and compassion is what we show to each other. Our strength is our location and the vibes. You will be part of a family, if this is going to be your first adventure, dont worry, we are going to take care of you :) We have a maximum stay policy of 2 months, but are always open to great people returning to us.


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Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) is a great place to be!
Hostel is located not close to the main beach but in the old town and in my opinion most beautiful part of the city. Working in the apartments which were located near to hostel at the beginning seemed a bit hard but after a few days of work it gets easy. I would have preferred if we were provided with some food or being able to leave our job after finishing our daily job tasks. Hostel has a lot of volunteers and guests which makes it easy to socialise. When dealing with some issues manager is doing his best to work it out for you!

hace 20 días



Llegue y el manager no estaba en el hostel y su retorno no se sabía, un voluntario me mostró el hostel. Tanto las áreas comunes como las habitaciones de los voluntarios estaban completamente sucias, desordenadas y con mal olor.
Ningún voluntario se ocupaba de hacer su trabajo. Se supone que el trabajo de los managers es hacer que los voluntarios cumplan con sus tareas asignadas, pero a causa de la falta de los mismos se hace imposible.
Las fotos publicadas son viejas y así no está el hostel ahora!
No vayan a Columbus!!

hace 23 días



muy buena hicimos un hermoso grupo entre voluntarios y managers. con los dias libres pudimos recorrer la isla y ademas dormir gratis en otros hostels.

hace 25 días



I absolutely loved staying at columbus and with it all the people that i‘ve met. People from all over the world, I‘ve had the most interesting conversations and sooo much fun with them. I had to finish the work early because of health issues but it wasn’t too much to do as it was low season anyways. I would love to have gotten food aswell, because the place where I slept had no window to outside and it was very dusty and dirty and for that I think the work was too much compared to what we get. Nevertheless I don’t regret doing this one bit and I will forever have good memories to this place.

hace 29 días



I had the best time at Columbus Hostel! I was doing the bar and activities, and it's a great way to meet everyone from the hostel. The working hours are great, cause I could visit the island before and party after working. When the bar was closed, I had to do some cleaning that no one ever does, which was not agreed on beforehand. It would have been better to discuss it at the beginning. But the people and the atmosphere are so awesome that it makes it up for it! You meet incredible people in the volunteer team and the guests, which made my experience in Gran Canaria unforgettable.

hace 1 mes

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