Come and help at our English House near Osaka


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Being at Osaka English House was such a fun and engaging experience! I am really thankful to Arata-San and everyone for having us and being so welcoming the whole time.
The tasks are not difficult at all and the schedules are really, really flexible. There was always something to talk about or do!😁
The town itself is very interesting due to where it is located, and you can get a good feel of how japanese people live their daily lives in the smaller towns.
I can't thank everyone enough! Hope to see you all in Mexico one day!!



From the first moment that we arrived, Arata was a very kind person and she gave us a very comfortable room. She took the time for explain everything, and she was always willing to help us when we had any doubts. When you arrive you might see a very big list of things to do, but trust me it's not so difficult, and all the team can help you, they are very flexible so it's a good place to stay at and also to learn more about Japanese culture! The town istelf is very interesting too

Thank you for everything!!!



Everyone was very friendly



I'm so thankful for my stay in OEH. I've had an amazing time with amazing people and I've truly felt at home.
The work is not too hard and some tasks are actually very fun. We had a BBQ and a dinner party with delicious food and we organized a group trip to Nara that was so beautiful.
I have to give special thanks to Arata-San, who takes really good care of us all (she even took me to the hospital one day I wasn't feeling well and translated for me) and to Katie, who is an amazing teacher and my new studying pal.
I'm actually sad that I'm leaving and I hope to visit again one day.