Come, Explore Tokyo, Help us our TEACHING ABROAD website promotions , Social media marketing and Online work. Free accommodation and meals

BENEFITS Its nice to have nice and deep conversation in the sunset with a coffee, lets talk about life with a background music. Having a free accommodation and meals will be a good strength for if you are a budget travel . You can save a lot in Japan. Weekends campervan tours to Tokyo forests to taking some photographs will be refreshing for you We will cook different style cooking's We will assist, guide and help one volunteer as long as he/she is here You will be having a good time and cultural exchange in Japanese - Asian mixed environment Happy volunteering .

EXTRA INFORMATION About me I am just a 33 year old simple dude without any rules, just chilling with old music . I am fully open minded. I enjoy nature, the sunrise and sunset everyday. I am motivated by OSHO , Buddha ,Sadhguru and their teachings. I read books about philosophy , self development. my best books are ‘’The power of your subconscious mind’’ ‘’Think and grow rich’’ ‘’The secret’’ ‘’The pancha tantra’’ I enjoy 70s ,80s, 90s western music including ABBA, Modern talking ,Bony M, Greenday , Nickelback and by default it always played . I enjoy giving back to the community by helping people. Thats why I started Volunteer teaching program in India and Sri Lanka back in 2015.Now im on a big scale !! which is building global volunteer tourism directory !!. I believe the world is so beautiful if we educate our young generation, breaking the limits and empowering them to become global. So the language and internet access is necessary for the poor countryside children in India and Sri lanka. I have a team both in Japan and India working towards our teaching abroad project. Japan and Australia also in our list. I almost worked with more than 300 volunteers around the world , last 5 years before covid pandemic back in Sri Lanka. I enjoy meeting new people , listen to their stories and discuss some deep topics. I also enjoy cooking , doing yoga and spiritual stuffs I will provide all the necessary information in order for them to get to know the city as much as I know. I enjoy immensely meeting people from around the world. I am very respectful of different cultures and of course, I expect the same from my volunteers Cheers IMPORTANT 1. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU WANT TO STAY OR CHECK THE AVAILABILITY OR BACK UP OPTION FOR YOUR TRAVEL 2.ITS BETTER TO REPLY WITHIN 48 HOURS ONCE YOU GET THE MASSAGE FROM US (WE GET MANY SCAM MASSAGES ) 3 WE WILL GIVE YOU THE BEST QUALITY EXPERIANCE. SO PLEASE TRY TO STICK TO YOUR APPOINTMENT UNLESS IF YOU HAVE SERIOUS PLAN CHANGES

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