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We are a cosy surf hostel located in beautiful Coolangatta on the Gold Coast, right across the highway from the beach and just a 10 minute walk from the GC airport. We have bike and board hire, movie and BBQ nights and a free courtesy bus that drives in to the town center 4 times a day. Coolangatta is famous for its amazing surf breaks, beautiful beaches, funky restaurants & bars and breathtaking natural scenery.

The owner of our epic little hostel is named Woza and we have 3 office managers in our reception team - Tessa, Chloe and Ebonie. Our 'Work for Accommodation" crew usually consists of about 14 people at one time and it's like being a part of one big mismatched nomad family! * Please note that you will be required to pay a bond of $100 when you arrive which you will receive back in full provided you 1 - Stay your minimum required 6 weeks, 2 - Give at least 1 weeks notice of your departure and 3 - Do not cause any costs or damages to our hostel/business.

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some("Working at Coolangatta YHA was some of the best two months I could have spent in Australia. The hours were easy and the people are some of the chillest and most fun people you could ever meet. Cooly YHA may be smaller compared to other hostels but that’s what made it like family. It was easy for everyone to hang out and even guests just staying for the night were always welcome to hang out back with us. I recommend anyway looking to have fun, meet cool people, and relax to stay here. I’ll miss all the Cooly staff!")

26 días atrás


On my first week there I wasn't sure what I had gotten myself into and thought about leaving a few times. The result? I ended up staying for longer than 6 weeks and would have stayed more if I hadn't had my flight back to Spain. Some people have been staying there for very long and they immediately make you feel part of the family. Tessa and Chloe were always super nice and helpful with absolutely everything. I have not only gained a life experience, I've gained quite a few friends! I highly recommend it, the work load is super fair and life in that area is absolutely chilled! Love you fam :)

4 meses atrás


I've had an amazing time working at Cooly YHA! During my stay, I've met incredible people and made great friends, both staff and guests. The hostel has a great vibe and Coolangatta is the place to be if you're looking for a chilled place with good surfing spots. Although the hostel's owner was very strict and sometimes rude with the staff, the hosts were very friendly and patient throughout my whole stay. Overall, I tottally recommend working at Cooly YHA! it was an experience I'll never forget.

8 meses atrás


I really enjoyed my stay in cooly. The staff is super friendly, the work load is pretty good and I made a lot of friends during my stay there. It was an awesome experience overall. I highly recommend this hostel to work!! ((:

11 meses atrás


I'd recommend this experience for anyone who's travelling alone and wants to meet some nice people. Staff is really cool, in only six weeks I made great friends.

1 año atrás

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