COONRIDGE Organic Goat Dairy

Total isolation - free ranging goats accompanied by livestock guardians dogs. Walk away from our buildings and see no evidence of other humans. Live in the high desert. Bake bread and make brownies. Milk goats and make cheese and yogurt.
Harvest and make pinion pitch salve.

We are all kind to each other. We respect one another. We are responsible. We like talking and sharing but know we all need down time. Enjoy free spirited people from different places and of different races.


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What a once in a life time experience at Coonridge farm! From the moment I stepped in to the kitchen of the farm I felt welcome. I was greeted with home made enchiladas and a warm hugs! I had a cozy private cabin with one of the best view!
I learned so much from Nancy's stories and knowledge of goat farming! Nancy is a wonderful woman with such a passion for goats, it can't help but be absorbed at the farm. I got to milk goats, feed baby goats, learn all about farm care and fell in love with each of the animals.
The hours were wonderful and I even got to explore Albuquerque! Magical!

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When they tell you that living on the Coonridge Dairy Goat Farm is life changing, they werent lying. Living sustainably while relying on solar power and collected rain water has been a whole new experience for someone like myself from Southern California. I lived here for about three months and fell in love with everything and everyone. Nancy and LeRoi are like the grandparents you’ll never have. If you’re looking for a first time work exchange on a homestead, this is the perfect place. There is much to learn and experience if you’re willing to accept it with an open heart and mind.

hace 6 meses

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Staying at Coonridge was a great experience. I would definitely recommend it for people looking to get off grid, there was plenty of time for self and outdoor exploration. There was a variety of work that was fun and fair, and the hosts were very kind, welcoming, and helpful. I had a great time. Thank you Nancy, LeRoi, and Liz.

hace 7 meses

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Nancy’s dairy was my 1st volunteer exchange, & the BEST month of my life.
Each day is fulfilling tasks & talk, much room for relaxing. Morning is good work, after break we cook up great food for all, & then milk some pretty goats! Prepare to get dirty & let loose!
There’s endless acceptance & LOTS they will teach you. You’re always encouraged to try new things, engage animals, & have fun. The dairy’s history is rich & fascinating, like many interactions on farm. There’s sm priceless info & skills I learned. Forever grateful to Nancy & all inhabitants!
Will return soon! Highly recommend!

hace 10 meses



Well what to say , the host Nancy and the husband le-Roi are amazing people that will treat you as family and will teach you everything you need to know about animals , food was fresh and amazing , everyone had their own cabin wich was incredible, the work was fun , and overall this was surely one of the best experiences I ever had in my life

hace 12 meses

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