Da Beehive - Maui Honeybee Experience

If you are looking to reconnect with nature, live off-grid, and have an unplugged experience while helping us grow our honeybee focused operation, I think you will enjoy your stay! Our property is a bit rustic but the weather and the view is absolutely incredible.

I operate the Maui Honeybee Sanctuary where I keep and teach about bees. I also created a shop in downtown Paia called Da Beehive where we sell honey and beeswax products created on the farm. While we do not offer formal beekeeping training, you will be able to join one of our honeybee tours where you will learn all about bees and then experience them hands-on. You will also help us bottle honey and make candles and other products using beeswax. You will have a lot of freedom on our property. You will only be expected to work on the agreed upon days and hours and the rest of your time with us you are free to rest or explore Maui. Occasionally we have opportunities for paid work and/or upgraded housing with a 3 month commitment.

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I enjoyed my stay at The Bee Sanctuary very much! I read the email, so I knew pretty much what was in store for me, and it was right up my ally. I loved unplugging for a few weeks, getting to interact with locals and make new friends. Aimee is an angel sent to all the honey bee workers there and I think I can speak for the crowd, we are all grateful for her. I can't wait to come visit again, I miss it already!

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The honey bee place is nice. The work is good and the location has awesome views.

My impression is just that the place just needed a cleaning and some little improvements that anyone can help them to do.
I would do if I could have stayed longer.

I'm sorry guys that I had to leave early, but we talked about the reasons and I hope you did understand.
Thank you!

hace 7 meses



Da BeenHive is a beautiful unique piece of universe where you are able to get truly connected within yourself. It’s on the county side of Maui which is perfect to be enjoying an amazing sunset view, looking at the stars every night and visit the road to hana. Highly recommend it if you are looking for a wild and sweet camping honey bee experience. Definitely I’m gonna miss this place. Mahalo

hace 9 meses

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This place was exactly what I needed, the land was beautiful, and the people were all amazing. I stayed here for 4 weeks but I could have stayed forever. Ever tho you are living in a tent that does not really matter when you are in Hawaii, the only thing is that it is kinda hard getting around if you have the money I 100% think that getting a rental car is so worth it. Overall I love this place and the people.
Thank you so much bee hive!!

hace 9 meses

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Da Bee Hive experience is truly a unique one. This is the ideal work-exchange if you like to camp, enjoy being out in nature, and want a disconnected experience.

The work involved in the exchange is fair and easy. You either work the bee stand (selling products/interacting with customers) or do projects (weeding, gardening, making products, etc.).

I met great people while being on the farm. Just about all the volunteers hung out & explored the island together, especially since we were all around the same age and had similar interests. The managers were also a joy to be around!

hace 10 meses

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