Da Beehive - Maui Honeybee Experience

If you are looking to reconnect with nature, live off-grid, and have an unplugged experience, while helping us grow our honeybee focused operation, I think you will enjoy your stay.

You will have a lot of freedom on our property. There is no curfew or mingling in your personal affairs. You will only be expected to work on the agreed upon days and hours.


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Volunteering at Da Beehive was the most amazing and unique outdoor Maui experience! Working at the road side stand and shack allowed me to meet lots of locals and tourists! Erica was a great host who is very dedicated to her business with an amazing vision for the future! I would highly recommend this place :)

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I had a wonderful experience at Da Beehive! Erica was a great host and I really enjoyed exploring Maui. I definitely would recommend!!

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i'm so graceful for the experience and to get to meet amazing persons

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My time at Da Beehive both met and exceeded my expectations! Erica was a great host, I felt welcomed from the start, and it was the perfect place for my first world packers journey. I was looking for a place to get closer to nature and this was it! I loved learning more about the bees and found the work to be very enjoyable as well. Working at the road side stand you get to meet both locals and tourists which was a great mix. I would absolutely go back to Da Beehive and recommend this to anyone who wants a unique outdoors experience on Maui. :)

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My time at Da Beehive was so amazing! Living off the grid at the camp helped me disconnect from many of the pressures of technology and life and deepen my love and appreciation for the outdoors. I absolutely loved the whole experience and the community we created in the camp, but I do want to note that if you don’t like being outside this might not be the right fit. That being said, I had never camped or lived off the grid before, but with the community at the camp was easily able to make the adjustment and have amazing experiences on Maui. Erica and Jasper (and Frankie!!) were amazing hosts!

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