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Located between two world-class tourist destinations, Yogyakarta and Bali, Surabaya offers diverse opportunities for tourists and business alike. As one of Indonesia's leading capital, Surabaya is keenly aware of the need to promote herself into a cosmopolitan city.

Hi...My name is Dyana and I am a lecturer in Agriculture. I love plants and trees for the healthy environment. That's the reason that there are many plants here. I also love to care the environment. I don't use chemical products to clean the house to make the safety of water to put again to the ground. As we know, only 2 % of the clean water we have used, can get back to be again clean water. I also clean the floor with wipes which are cleaned with the used water from the washing machine. We separate bottles and cans to be collected again by people who work for recycling things. We use the food waste for our plant fertilizer. We process it to make it ready for the plants, of course by the simple way. I appreciate people who love the environment. We don't spoil clean water, but it doesn't mean we are not hygienically practicing. Everything should be treated in an environmentally friendly. We provide vegetarian foods and some of the vegetables we grow by ourselves. We don't put chemical fertilizers and we try to make it from the waste. The truck which carries the waste doesn't come every day, and this is the reason we have to process it. We use used plastic for our dustbin, to remind people in saving our earth. Many used plastics can be used again, Smoking should be in open space and we ask you for not smoking in the house. Please, help us to switch off the electrical connection when we forget to do it, We are welcome for the suggestions to make our place more ecological safety. Please don't hesitate to tell us what is wrong in our daily practical treatment so we can together save the earth.

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Jardinería Personal de Mantenimiento Pintura y Decoración Recepción

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I stayed for a few days at Da Rifi, because I lost my passport and I needed to go to the embassy in Jakarta.. Dyana is a lovely woman who wants to help with everything and she learned me things about history. I didn’t get the change to improve the hostel, because of the passport situation but I would recommend Da Rifi to anybody who wants to get to know the Indonesian culture and who likes to improve a hostel. Dyana thanks for your help!

7 meses atrás

Dyana respondido

Silvano, what I like from you that you are a young man loves history...even we met in a short time but you have shown me how to make the steps on improving the hostel...Thanks, Silvano..and good luck in every your way...


Dyana is an absolute Darling!!! She is very caring, always make sure that her guests are ok and feel at home, she is cooking and provide all meals, when she is there.
The hostel leaves a lot of space for your improvements, so you can play out your creativity.
I feng-shui-ed the entrance and worked during my stay there on creating a good energy flow and an inviting atmosphere and Dyana loved her "new" entrance area!
I wish Dyana and her Da Rifi Hostel a lot of success and lot of new guests and supportive volunteers.
Lot's of Love, Karina

8 meses atrás

Dyana respondido

Karina, you are a very excellent Feng-Shui expert. You could do a nice entrance of the hostel. Many times the guests and friends give nice comments about the entrance and I always tell that you made it. ...A long time I wanted such this entrance and you made my dreams come true...!! Thanks, Karina....we have to make a nice book about Feng Shui for our remembrance and memory...


This was a great experience. Dyana the Host is such a nice lady, kind, gentle with a big heart, she friendly and helpfull all the time...She is a hard worker as well as a writer and a teacher and she finds the time to be with you and help you with all your needs... she also helps you to organize your trips...she is an easy going person and a beautiful indonesian.

10 meses atrás

Dyana respondido

Priscilla, thank you for volunteering at the hostel...you inspired me many things and it was a wonderful time we spent together going to Malang, swimming, talking (especially about our parents...), there was always good times with you here... thank you again and hope I can visit you one day!


I definitely felt at home, Dyana is an amazing host. She was always respectful, kind, helpful and attentive with me. She is a trustworthy, easygoing and flexible person. The hostel is very nice and you have supermarkets close to the hostel. I had a pleasant experience here, I recommend it 100%.
Definitivamente me senti como en casa, Dyana es una excelente anfitriona. Siempre estuvo pendiente de mi, me facilito el transporte las veces que necesite ir al banco y aeropuerto. Siempre muy amable, respetuosa, servicial y flexible, no te exige cumplir un horario especifico en el voluntariado.

1 año atrás

Dyana respondido

Hi Vero....it was nice to have you here, especially you taught us the dancing of tango...especially Irene was really impressed with your ability of dancing...she reminds me of you again and again and she tells to my friends what the best dancer of you she once ever met.....please come again anytime..visit your home at Surabaya, meet with many of your friends here...Good luck with your next visit and adventuring volunteerism...Be happy no worry..the world is in your hands....congratulations on your dreams achieved!

Trinidad y Tobago

I truly enjoyed the time spent at Da Rifi Hostel. Dyana is an amazing hostess who welcomes you like family and makes the time spent in Indonesia worthwhile. She allowed so much flexibility in working around the hostel and provided excellent advice on things to do and places to visit around the country. She even asked her son to be our guide in Malang! Thanks Rickie. I would very highly recommend a workstay at Da Rifi, it was so much more than I expected and if I have the opportunity to travel to Indonesia again this is definitely where I'd stay.

más de 1 año atrás

Dyana respondido

Hi Marcia, thanks a lot for your volunteering.... You are very deligent. I am sure every host will love you ...it was sooo very much appreciated too..and for sure, if I have opportunity to visit Trinidad again, I must tell you. I miss the Carnival in Savanah...Port of Spain....And please come again anytime..you have home now at Surabaya, Indonesia...

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