Damask Rose, Lebanese Guest House

By lack of finding good and honest volunteers (there is always an exception, but not enough to conitnue accepting volunteers)


We are a family team who love their country, we know its secrets in history and geography, we can help ! Culinary wise we are vegetarians, the food offered on breakfast is vegetarian, Lebanon’s food is very healthy and consists of much variety of vegetarian delicious choices The volunteers should bring their OWN shampoos, soaps, detergents for washing their clothes and tissues on their own expenses* The dishwashing after their breakfast, also doing the room used by them, will not be deducted of the agreed 30 hours per week*


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Hisham and Anna. Thank you for everything from conversations to amazing tours, you two have a blessed life, you are hardworking people and very honest, respectful and prosperous. People I like to be around and much more than that being a great friend. A big hug from Gabriel here in Brazil. I will miss you and your beautiful puppies (Shee and Yoo). God bless you both. Amen.

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Hicham respondido

Thank you dear Gabriel for bringing much help, you are a honest person who we had the honor to host, you gave the house much goodness, keep in touch dear friend
Good luck



For the record, Hicham is nice and respectful. Volunteering here was bad and I had a very uncomfortable and bizarre experience. The position I applied to was night shift reception/cleaning, I found myself working on a construction site with no proper equipment or tools. The shift was not as agreed and there was absolutely no work to be done on reception.

One night a volunteer got hurt in the construction and Hicham got very mad and screamed at me he didn't want any more volunteers and that I could stay for free which was very awkward, so I left the next morning to avoid conflict and stress

hace 8 meses

Hicham respondido

Host: we have this task Seb, is ok for you?
Seb: yes yes man,of course

Seb make absent

Host:Look Seb if you don't want, I understand, I bring you back for night shift cleaning

Seb:no no man,I love to help, please count on me

Result: Seb stole 2 weeks free of charge by doing only a not completed 1 shift

He smiles, gives beautifwords and do nothing

" yea yea man ! I am here for you man,you can count on me"

Zero work



Overall, my experience at damask rose was great. Hicham did everything to make my stay comfortable and feel welcomed. Also he gave a lot of tips on where to go in Lebanon and adjusted my work schedule so that I can visit more places in Lebanon. The work was not easy but I never worked extra hours and when the tasks were hard I was allowed to work less. The hotel and facilities were very nice and the room was very spacious and had everything you need. In conclusion, I totally recommend damask rose if you want to explore the country and learn about the Lebanese culture.

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It was my first Worldpackers experience, I enjoyed every single minute at Damask, the place was amazing, the host is the best, the workers there were so nice, highly recommend 10/10.

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Mi experiencia en Damaskrose fue excelente. Las personas muy atentas en ver que este bien, nos pudimos entender a pesar de que mucho solo hablan árabe y yo solo hablaba español. Me dedique a aprender Inglés y me guiaron para poder conocer todo Líbano! Recomiendo este lugar para quienes quieren aprender de su cultura y para quienes desean empezar a conocer Oriente Medio. Además de la comida libanesa que es saludable y muy gustosa.

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