Dante House

It is convenient for transportation and is located in a good location to visit famous places. You can meet famous places in Busan very easily while staying here.
There is a big supermarket in front of here, and the traditional market is only 1 minute away. You can stay here and help with work for a few hours a day, and then explore Busan as much as you want.

Hello. My name is Eunjin. I'm working on this with my family. And I need a friend to help me with some things. I'll be welcoming you like a family, and I hope you can stay comfortable here. Usually two or three volunteers work together and form a friendship through cooperation. One room in my house is for volunteers. There you can relax, cook, and do laundry. If you want, you can also feel the fun of staying in the guesthouse and meeting other travelers. We ask for your help five days a week, and 2-4 hours a day. The task is to clean rooms, corridors, stairs, etc. in the guesthouse. I hope you will help the guests to be comfortable and happy during their stay here. In your free time, I will be considerate to enjoy Korea as much as possible. My family and I will do our best to make you happy while you stay here.

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Volunteering at Dante House was a great experience that I would highly recommend! Everything is as described and the work is easy to do. The guesthouse and the volunteers accomodations are both really nice and Eunjin is always happy to help if we have any questions. The location next to Busan station is convenient to take any transportation.
I had a really good time there and could not have hoped for better roommates and host.
Thank you Eunjin!

hace 15 días

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I had a wonderful time at Dante House! I am very grateful to Eunjin for making my stay a happy one, the time spent here has given me lovely memories I will always treasure.

Busan itself is a fun & relaxed city and after work was finished, it was easy to go and explore. The guesthouse and where you’re staying is very close to Busan Station, a very convenient location to explore from and getting around the city is very easy via public transport.
The workload is clearly communicated and goes quickly working together as a group of either 2 or 3.

Thank you so much for everything! 💛

hace 27 días



My time at Dante was a beautiful experience! About the work is well organised (clear instructions and schedule planned ahead) and the working hours leave you plenty of time to explore Busan. The accommodation is very comfortable, is a shared room (enough space for 3 people to live comfortably) in the apartment shared with the host, that’s only 2 minutes away from the guesthouse. Living there is a great opportunity to connect with the other volunteers, cook at home and spend some time with 은진 who is always kind and open to conversation!
Thank you for an amazing experience! ❤️

hace 2 meses



This has been yet the most challenging experience in language and culture differences! But the also travelling around nearby areas the most explored, just wonderful!

hace 3 meses



My second time here was good as the first one. It was easy to work and communicate with Eunjin. I also got new friends and had so much time explore more Busan. Thank you so much for practising English and Korean with me! ❤️

hace 3 meses

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