Dante House

This place is convenient for transportation and is in a good position to visit famous places. You can stay here and meet famous places in Busan very easily. There is a large supermarket in front of the house, and the traditional market is also a minute away.

Hello. My name is Jin. I am doing this work with my family and I need a friend to help me with some tasks, I will meet you like a family. I hope you can stay here comfortably. May you add more joy to your journey.


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I had wonderful time in Busan thanks to Eunjin, Dante House’s owner and her family. She’s sweet, fun, respectful and well-organized when it comes to the tasks. I highly recommend volunteering in Dante House, you will feel like home and the tasks are 90% of the time not much at all. I left part of my heart in Busan thanks to such a great experience at Dante. ❤️

hace 24 días



It was my first experience at WorldPackers and it was amazing, I had a great time in Busan, the work is very easy and the host is lovely and friendly, Eunjin and his family took care of me and made me feel at home and gave excellent local recommendations.
I made a lot of friends and I take a great experience with me.

hace 27 días



My time with Eunjin and her family was great!
The work was exactly as agreed upon, easy and often times shorter than expected cleaning of rooms and the shared facilities of the hostel. Communication about work, time off and other issues was never a problem, both through text and face-to-face. She takes very good care of her volunteers and makes sure everyone feels comfortable.
Personally, Eunjin is a very nice and welcoming person. She wanted to make sure we had a great time and encouraged us to explore Busan as much as possible!
I would recommend a stay with her for sure!

hace 2 meses



Dante House is a lovely guesthouse with a very sweet host! Eunjin welcomed me and taught me the ropes clearly&kindly, and gave me tips on good restaurants in the vicinity. The work varied: weekends were more intense; otherwise, I was often done within 2 hours. Working times were flexible; Eunjin was very accommodating, which was super nice for making plans. The café/lounge is a lovely place to sit and do work and their drinks are delicious. The area is very central and easy to reach, but also with bars and people on the street at night; walking home in the evening didn't always feel welcoming.

hace 10 meses



Eunjin was always so kind and heartwarming, trying to help me with everything she could. Her family was also very welcoming and treated me really well. I worked exactly what we agreed and after some time, the job became easy handled and I often finished early having a great time for tourism. The food was delicious and showed how amazingly talented they serve in the coffee shop.
The place itself was really comfortable, I settled in and felt like home, besides, beeing close to the Busan Station made the transportation to any part of Busan accessible.
Hope to see everyone again someday!

hace 11 meses

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