De Helleborus: Eco-camping and food forest

Travelers from all around the world checkin to De Helleborus. Work with people from different cultures, meet other guests, learn permaculture principles, go explore the city of Groningen and swim lakes around.

Casper and Nienke (Dutch) the owners, are visionaries and devote their lives to developing De Helleborus. Expect hard work, a lot of energy, creative flow, and development. Camilo (Venezuelan/Spanish) the cook is also an artist and musician. He cooks fusion meals from all around the world. swashbuckling approach: intuitive, no unnecessary respect for traditional recipes/culinary rules and boundaries. Expect better food than in a restaurant. You can help with hospitality, building, or work in the vegetable garden. Three marvelous meals per day, drinks, nightly fires, and free bikes. Sleep in one of the accommodations, a shared dorm/tent, or a private tent.


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Nueva Caledonia


This place is amazing and the staff and hosts are very friendly. I would recommand this experience to every traveler, it's a nice bit of nature not too far from civilisation. As a climber, it was refreshing to be able to go to Excalibur on my days off (20 minutes ride)

I am not sure I could have had a better first experience as a volunteer !

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This is an exotic place compared to a lot of places in Netherlands. It is close to the city which is beautiful. Me and my boyfriend have bonded well with the staff and they are people we wish to bring with us through our life. We have learned a lot and most importantly this has helped me with my confidence my ability to speak to people is much better. It was nice to sit around the fire to talk to other people guests or other volunteers about their lives and experiences or what has brought them to this place specifically. The food is amazing and the accommodation that you stay in is comfy.

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