DeAnza Springs Resort

DeAnza Springs is a remote high desert resort an hour from San Diego. We are settled into the natural wonder and magic of Jacumba Mountains. Its is a self-contained community which combines long-term residents and weekend campers, and occasionally plays host to music festivals and other larger artistic events. We are working to update and beautify the property so that it can be enjoyed by all.

We are a small team of friendly, dedicated, hardworking staff. There is always something to be done, and all ideas are appreciated and welcomed. Our volunteers are part of the team!!


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I was there for about three weeks and absolutely loved my time at de Anza! everyone welcomes you with open arms and if you need help with anything, everyone is supporting you to 100%.
There is a huge sense of community like nowhere else. The work was fun. I' ve worked most of the time outdoor doing some landscaping down at the alpacas, or weeding some parts of the property.
We were allowed to use the gym, sauna, pool and whirlpool 24/7 and it was amazing. There are community events like family dinner every friday and we got together quit often to do some breathwork or meditation.
thank you.

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this was my first volunteer, you must to live the experience in the California desert .
I found an amazing community at DeAnza Resort, everyone is friendly and the staff is very polite and very kindness people to help you in any situation.
I have lived one of the best experiences in my life, If you ever do this type of trip, you will be afraid, not because the next thing to live is bad, simply because it is new and unknown. But despite the fear you must continue and be strong because you will live incredible moments, you will see incomparable landscapes and you will meet great people.

hace 8 meses

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Highly recommend DeAnza to anyone that is interested in a new experience. It has been absolutely amazing here the last three months. The entire staff is absolutely phenomenal to work with. Plus, lots of fun events have made this stay one to remember. Thanks to all!

hace 9 meses



Such a terrific place! De Anza had much more than I could expect from this experience. It’s a lovely place in the nature, with excellent amenities for the guests also opened for the volunteers, and most important have amazing people living there, going to visit and working. I couldn’t ask more, and now, few days after, I’m still missing it, the lifestyle and the blessed opportunity I had to get in touch with the locals, and all I could learn through the experiences I was able to get. If you’re planning to go there, be aware that you gonna enjoy it more if you have a great spirit of initiative

hace 10 meses

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