Derrybawn Mountain Village

Derrybawn Mountain Village is a collection of houses and lands on the edge of Wicklow Mountains National Park. We are thinking global, but acting local in terms of protecting nature and building an Irish centre for the planet.

I work in the UN, my family help run Derrybawn. I am interested in music, art, arts and travel. Any volunteers to Derrybawn can find a nice home, and self-contained, remote but beautiful life for a few months.


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A great and very enriching experience. We have learned to cut wood and light fires, in addition to the opportunity to carry out a kitchen. Located in the beautiful natural park of Wicklow Mountains, with a lovely family. Thank you very much for the hospitality

1 mes atrás


I enjoyed my stay here in DB I felt it was very rewarding for the summers end, I learned great new things and I would recommend DB for people willing to work and have fun

2 meses atrás


Ambiance was really nice, even though you might feel lonely in this secluded place. I was first told it was supposed to be an eco village, but I discovered later that the "village" is actually accommodations made for guests, not residents. A bit disappointed by the whole project, but it was still good to feel I was useful.

3 meses atrás

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