Dominican Tree House Village

The Dominican Tree House Village is nested in the heart of the Dominican jungle, on the Samana Peninsula. Here you will see some of the most beautiful sights and people this island has to offer. We are a tree house lodge, with 22 cabins, attracting people from all over the world. Our marketing is geared towards the adventure seeking, culture immersing, individual. Help us make their experience great and you'll have a lot of freedom to do what you want down here :)

The staff at The Dominican Tree House Village is mostly Dominican (approx. 14). We work with a lot of the locals and the atmosphere is lively and fun. We are a big family that enjoys showing people the rawness and beauty of the Dominican Republic.


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Being at The Tree House was amazing: incredible place, food and people. I recommend it 100%... Also the people of El Valle town is really nice and friendly. I had a wonderful time there.

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As soon as I arrived to DTHV I made sure that this is one of the most extraordinary places I've ever been to. The staff becomes your family and that comes with the full meaning of what "family" is. It means that sometimes they will give you a kick if you act too much like a baby. But they will also give you a hug whenever you'll need it. The most difficult part about being there is saying "goodbye" to all the amazing people who come to the TH and then they leave. And then one day you're the one who's leaving and that's even more heartbreaking. But you're leaving with a baggage full of smiles.

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It is a changing life experience. The place is amazing, you can not understand how it is if you don't go. You will sleep on a tree house, in the middle of the jungle. That's it! The staff is lovely, the activities to do are super fun. Please go and change your life!

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The Dominican Treehouse village is such a magical place, everyone is so friendly may it be the guest or your colleagues. As a volunteer, I got to help out at the bar but mainly organise art/music activities for the guest. Volunteering at the Treehouse is so enjoyable it feels like a vacation!! You'll spend your time talking and playing games with the guests in the evening whilst serving drinks and cleaning a few glasses, during the day you have to cover some lunch shifts depending on how many volunteers are present, if not you'll be free to explore the island and get to know the locals.

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My stay in the DTHV was absolutely amazing! I had lots of fun.
I met so many incredible people there, that truly felt like family. It´s the perfect remote place that feels like paradise and you can merge with nature and good vibes all the time.
I miss this place, and it was such a life changing experience for me in so many ways.

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