Dominican Tree House Village

It's an opportunity unlike any other. Surrounded by jungle and friendly travelers all over the world, you really can't find this opportunity anywhere.

You'll be treated amazingly. The staff are a mix of dominican locals and americans and we love everyone and treat everyone like family. You will be part of the Dominican tree house village tribe.


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The communication before I arrived was spotty and not great but once I got there I had a great time. I loved getting to meet other travelers who were staying and connecting with the guests. There are definitely some things that need improvement but overall my experience was fun and I learned a lot.

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My experience at the Tree House was absolutely amazing! I had the time of my life in el Valle and that is thanks to the amazing people I got to know! I spent 5 weeks in the hotel and fell in love with el Valle, it’s beautiful beaches, the amazing food and the other volunteers and workers at the hotel. I miss you!!

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Tuve una experiencia increíble en este lugar. Pero hay cosas que se deben tomar en cuenta pues creo que no es para todos. Es un hotel en medio de la selva por lo que habrá animales como tarántulas, ranitas, caracoles y culebras (ninguna venenosa). Los cuartos son increíbles pero hay que cambiarse cada vez que llega un guest para el cuarto en el que estes. El wifi solo está disponible en el lobby y no lo puedes usar mucho frente a los clientes, no hay señal. Algunas de las coordinaciones se hicieron a último momento tienes que ser flexible. Fuera de eso a mi me encanto y lo volvería a hacer.

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The Good:
- Nancy & Aide (kitchen staff) and the laundry/cleaning/maintenance staff are all amazing .
- Property is very pretty & aesthetic.
- Great place to unwind/disconnect as there is no Wi-fi & 🌲houses have the bare min in them.
- 🚲 available & free.
- Beach very close by.
The Bad:
- Volunteer program is a bit unorganized & onsite leadership can be apathetic towards your experience. One of the two mgrs 👎🏼 overall.

After speaking to the owners, I think they are going to make some positive changes to make future WP experiences.

Ran out of space so please msg me for more info (:

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El valle I miss you. Unfortunately my stay at the treehouse didn’t go as expected. I had originally came for social media work but was mistaken as a regular volunteer doing dinner and breakfast tasks. I was to continue doing these tasks without change. But, all in all the place is beautiful and has amazing potential, but I wish the managers went about things differently. The beach is only a 10 minute bike ride away (one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen) and locals will make you feel very welcomed! It’s not for everyone though as this area is very remote, no banks, no service

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