Drala Mountain Center

Nestled high in the Colorado Rockies, Drala Mountain Center (DMC) provides the perfect retreat setting for studying yoga, meditation, and contemplative arts. DMC combines natural beauty, unspoiled wilderness, blue skies, and crisp mountain air with the comforts of a modern retreat campus. This is a place where many wisdom traditions are hosted, and we welcome all people inspired to explore the nature of self and society. Join us and enjoy our beautiful location and warm hospitality. We have delicious meals provided to volunteers, people from all over the world living and volunteering here, free access to the wonderful programs happening here all year round, the land and wildlife are amazing, and the spiritual buildings/places to meditate here are world-class. What does Drala mean? When people reflect on being here, they talk about how vividly they experience the power of the land itself. We can experience drala by directly connecting to the world through our sense perceptions. By opening to this experience, we encounter vast wisdom in ourselves, those around us, and the world itself. https://www.dralamountain.org/

We are a large retreat center on over 1,200 acres of land in the mountains of Colorado that can host large programs with many people. Volunteers will be housed in various places on the land. In the summer, most of our volunteers will stay in campgrounds with tents on platforms and large bathhouses with many showers and toilets nearby. In the colder months, we house our volunteers in lodges (either in private rooms, shared rooms, or male/female dorm rooms). The availability of private rooms for volunteers is limited and depends on how busy we are at any given time. We are committed to providing a rewarding experience for volunteers. This includes; three free meals each day (vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, gluten-free options each meal), meditation instruction, the ability to join programs on the land free of charge, two full days off each week, access to beautiful spaces to practice yoga, tai chi, and dance, access to fully equipped fitness space, and free laundry services. There is a fantastic 5-mile perimeter trail on the land. Volunteers and staff come from all over the world and from many different age groups. Some volunteers come because they are Buddhist and are attracted to our Tibetan Buddhist lineage. Many volunteers come because of the beauty of the land and the ability to spend time outdoors. We welcome people of all faiths and those that are not interested in exploring that aspect of this center at all. We do ask that you have respect for Buddhism and also a desire to live in a community with people that you will see every day. This is a great place to find solitude when you want it, but we work together, eat together, and your participation in team events is expected.

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