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We work in a partnership between several guesthouses in Faro, and when we all come together we have a big team of volunteers. If you choose to stay with us you will be able to meet people from all over the world, make travel plans to explore the area of the Algarve together and have fun.

The way we manage the team is very unique and quite professional. We hold team meetings where you can tell us about your experience, suggest improvements,s and express your needs. We are always listening, changing, and growing with you.

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This was an incredible experience! I worked mostly with Josephina and Sonja, they were incredible. Very welcoming, kind, and personable. The work is easy, you just need to focus on it for the four hours a day and then you can spend the rest of your time doing whatever you would like. Faro is nice, it also allows you to go visit other places in the Algarve very easily. I really adore this location and the people that I have met through this experience! Anything you could need you just talk to Sonja and Pedro about and they can help you figure it out! It was a great first WP experience!

hace 3 días



It wasn't exactly what I expected. Volunteers sleep in 2 different hostel and the hostel to clean are five so the shifts, communicated clearly in the morning, were split in those five. It was an important responsibility since except for a girl who actually work there, the work is all on the volunteers.
I saw Sonja one time coincidentally, when she was about to leave for Easter holidays, she stayed in contact with us by WhatsApp and we were totally indipendent without supervision when also the other girl was off. They provide lunch cooked by other volunteers on a terrace in another hostel

hace 20 días



The experience was great due to the other amazing volunteers. Faro is an amazing city, super walkable and the hostel is located in the center which is super convenient. I believe improvements should include creating dynamic group activities within the volunteer team. They follow the schedules and the hosts were super nice being flexible and understanding when problems occur. There had been instances where the volunteers were asked to do jobs that we were not expecting. Overall, it was a pretty good experience.

hace 2 meses



The experience was nice. The work was handled well and closely monitored. In the morning we were responsible for cleaning the rooms, common areas, laundry, kitchen and bathrooms. You will receive lunch after work and then you are free to enjoy the town. It's also worth adding that unfortunately there wasn't enough work for all volunteers now during the winter, and some of the girls were not satisfied with the other tasks assigned to them. Overall, I had a great time with everyone! Thank you.

hace 3 meses



I‘m really grateful for the time I could spent here in Faro.
Sonja is a really caring and appreciating host, and the work was most of the time pretty easy to do.
I really liked the other volunteers, but it was a bit hard at times due to them mostly speaking Portuguese and Spanish, and me only being fluent in English. But I think we made it work just fine!

hace 4 meses

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