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We are already over 12 years accepting volunteers and we had great experience and feedback so we are happy to be involved with this project. Join us and show us your talents! Maybe you can inspire us and our guests? We believe that " It is in giving you receive and receiving you give". IMPORTANT TO NOTE:We are not a party hostel scene. We promote respect, responsibility and healthy life style. We recycle, grow our own lemons, kumquats, peppers, spices and herbs for your free kitchen use. For folks whose only motivation of traveling is „BOOZE CULTURE“ we would kindly like to advice you to search somewhere else. Yet, we have highest awards for „FUN and ATMOSPHERE“ but its all about responsible fun and family-like feel. No strong alcohol is allowed for volunteers and staff inside ore in front of our hostel. We are wine country so wine and beer is OK, but in moderation. Thank You! You will get great value for your effort!So please show some effort and passion when contacting us and explain us in long message using clear and detailed information about what you can do for us since from our experience people which didnt showed effort to write enough long message to us, once when they arrived didnt showed effort and no initiative to be creative and tried to avoid any initiative and responsibility. So please read carefully and respond to our suggestions about what we need to know about you! Be genuine not robot-like as it is unfortunately case in 90% of applicants which only interest is not to pay for accommodation and food in very expensive city which Dubrovnik obviously (and unfortunately for us locals) is. Kind Regards, Ive, DBC

Dear future helpers! We are hard working family team of 8 members different age range(seniors and juniors)managing our small family run accommodation for long time...its our family project which made us grow up from the dust after horribly war which made us refugees from our torn out home and even through disastrous economy situation after war decade and half without tourism which is base of our national economy we managed to survive even struggle is not over....What we are doing today is very responsible job (working with humans, not robots or paperwork) and it gets very tiring for us since job here is very seasonal, and we are all getting older so we really appreciate some of your help. We are having more than 300 applicants for helper position every year and only about 10 helpers are taken....sorry we dont have time to reply for requests which goes like: "I want to be helper because I have never been to Croatia, and I like to learn new things etc" and than no more information about yourself...Its really nice but we dont know who you are besides your words, so be careful, and informative. Write to us as longer and as descriptive message possible! Every obscure application we will decline straight away. We are very busy and we are not detectives or physics to know about you in advance. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________BEFORE APPLYING PLEASE READ THIS: *TELL US ABOUT YOUR SKILLS...AND TALENTS ... not about what school you end up finishing______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ We need people who are having skills, high motivation, and who are able to motivate and animate, longer time available(flexible period of length) is high bonus-we want to take you as longer as possible, as you would for sure like to extend which is happening in most of times If you are person with no experience shown in profile("I want to learn" besides every skill, and want to stay for one week, you can skip reading further and dont apply at all....because we are going to decline your application straight away) I want to learn how to be astronaut as well, but I m not applying space program without having any prior understanding of my responsibilities which follows me being sent into orbit... _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ *BE GENUINE AND UNIQUE(We can see if you are using copy-paste and with how many other hosts you are in contact at the same time) People are applying for so many reasons(visa and asylum seekers, people which have another job waiting for them inCroatia, so want to spare some time for free here, or whatever other reason- Dont be like that and be honest!) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you are actually see yourself so extraordinary that you can learn everything quick we might still consider your offer, but be aware we dont have time to go with you day after day to show you how floor is swept, how pancakes are made or how to teach you something people bring from home...to be nice, careful and willing to help our guests and fix other problems in every situation. This is our life in this job-if someone is unhappy we need to cheer him up, if someone is noisy, drunk, unrespectful we need to BE ABLE to sort it out, if something is dysfunctional, broken or dirty in hostel we need to notice it and fix it up straight away or call for help. And 6 members of my family are working 24 hours all year around into this schedule...Not easy huh? You will have minimum 1 day free and need to work only 5 hours, everything else you have to enjoy this beautiful city till maximum. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *GET TO THE POINT... ...we dont need to know what music you like, but what kind of people you like and what kind of activities makes you happy...be creative to express that by words __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So when applying tell us about your particular and not general skills(whatever-if you know for example how to play guitar, do magic tricks, whisper to dogs, take care about garden, cooking traditional food(BBQ experts please welcome), promote and sell tours etc... TELL US ABOUT IT NOW!!!It will be large bonus!If you find yourself shy and if your English is not fluent but intermediate be honest to us and mention that since we will not disqualify you as we can can help you practice better language skills and social skills, but it can still be difficult, so consider can you really handle this. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Things to note: Our hostel, since opening is maintaining highest rates for cleanliness and atmosphere(we got several awards including one for best hostel in Croatia) so please consider that we are looking for people with extraordinary skills on this two positions. If you dont have skills and enough motivation for cleaning job, and if your social skills are just average please save your time and dont contact us at all. Also we have pets, dog, cat and fish, so if you have problem with allergies, or dont like pets, please consider other place. If you have alcohol/drug related problem please look for party hostel, and skip us! If we will notice any non responsible behavior you will be removed from property ASAP. We know backpackers are somehow related with booze culture, but there is so much more we can offer and we dont want to suffer anymore from unresponsive tourists which dont care about themselves, their hosts and fellow travelers. We are very clear and explicit in not allowing idiots destroy our reputation. We are family hostel which dont allows "drinking games" and strong alcohol! And yes, we still have highest rating for atmosphere in whole Croatia year after year! Thanks for understanding. DBC family team! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *SHOW US YOUR PASSION...AND REASON WE SHOULD CHOSE YOU _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SOME OF OUR PROJECTS, PLEASE MENTION THIS IF YOU HAVE KNOWLEDGE OR INTERESTS TO INVOLVE YOURSELF(This is a LARGE; LARGE BONUS): __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ * GREEN LIFE TUTORIAL! Up to mid June We try to be sustainable and have a "green fingers", so we want to involve you and our guest in learning how to collect wild edible plants for food, so we have little free tour in which we share our knowledge, and go to collect spring edible plants and fresh spring water...We end up cooking and having good time together...We ll teach you, but if you have passion for this or some knowledge, its most appreciated.... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *GARDENERS OR HERBALISTS(BOTANISTS) WANTED!All year around If you know how to deal with garden, flower and plants, and know how to create something out of your knowledge, please join us. We can teach you some skills as well.WELCOME! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ * LETS DO ART TOGETHER!Up to mid June We are looking for people who have interest in art, and can do artistic crafts, especially oil paintings, we have everything you need for it here, and like to join you, and we can even teach you some skills! Spring and beginning of summer are beautiful here so we are planing to do few artistic tours/camps where we can portrait nature, historical objects or anything we might find inspiration in! We ll organize everything you need, materials, food, drinks and inspiring locations and company! WELCOME! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ * MASSAGISTS (MASSEURS) WANTED!All year around If you have any experience in doing massage, and if you are willing to do so for our guests, we would like to provide to our guests 10 min free welcome massage on arrival, which is around up to max 10-15 arrivals, first part of the day, which allows you to do your arrangement for later hours(you keep your full salary, its up to you, and you will be registered, and we will pay tax for it, its on us!)This will be your only position, so no cleaning, kitchen hand etc, and you will have lot of free time in afternoons/evenings. WELCOME! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *MUSICIANS WANTED! ALL year around Maybe you just play ukulele or harmonica or make noise with little drums, but if you want to involve yourself into some great time of animating others, or letting others try to play our instruments, you are very appreciated. WELCOME! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *BBQ EXPERTS and cooks of all kind WANTED! All year around If you like to cook and it dont burn down kitchen at the same time, mention that, we have spacious indoor and outdoor kitchen and BBQ and its large advantage of our accommodation. We have chef with over 40 year experience with us but she has so much job to do, and cant be doing much but she will teach you few skills and tricks, so if you are willing to learn, mention that! Guests are happy with concept in which they chip some pocket money for you and cover your expenses for ingredients, and you can cook and impress them....Dream job for hedonists ;-) You will be most loved person because everyone love to eat delicious ;-) WELCOME! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *CHESS PLAYERS WANTED(OR PEOPLE GOOD IN OTHER SPORTS)All year around If you are good in sport, or in chess(is that sport?) we ll like to involve our guests in this kind of activities, so please WELCOME! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *YOGA teachers, people which are into healthy lifestyle like nutritionists WANTED! All year around! People who like to make fresh juices, healthy fruit salads and similar, we ll like to create events which will make yourself express yourself and your passion. We ll buy all ingredients and facilities you need! Help us promote health, not "drinking games". WE HAD ENOUGH DAMAGE HOSTING NOT RESPONSIBLE GUESTS AND HELPERS BEING INTO THE BOOZE CULTURE" AND NOT INTO SPIRITUAL; SOCIAL AND CULTURAL ASPECT OF BEING LEARNING ABOUT LIFE, WHICH BACKPACKERS CULTURE SHOULD BE!


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It really was a very good experience to work in this Hostel. Ive is very attentive and worried that you feel comfortable at all times. I was doing some painting and cleaning tasks with him and it was all very calm and productive at the same time. The Hostel is run by a family and the parents are adorable, I really miss Milka, the mother, who cooked the best food I have eaten in my whole trip. She really makes you feel at home as if she were your own mother taking care of you and cooking delicious dishes day by day. Milka, Dobri, Ive, Josip, Niko and Djodjo !! All the best for you!!!

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Somente recomendo esse lugar para homens, caso queira saber mais envie-me uma mensagem privada.

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Great family, great business and amazing experience. Communication has been outstanding from the beginning and I love the time I had with them.
I Definitely recommend and anyone would be lucky to be part of something so special!
I will return soon.

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At the moment I was starting to miss my family during all this traveling, I found them - people, who gave me the feeling of home. Thank you all and for each separetely. My special Thanks to Milka, who were taking care of me like family member and that I felt safe by asking for advice or learning from her so many things. Everyone were so generous, so thoughtful, caring and understanding, showing me the places, sharing conversations. Of course sometimes I wished to be not the only volunteer, that's why I believe that at summer it is different experience, but kindness of them is something above.

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Santa Fe


I don't really know where to start.
So i will tell one of the best things that happend in this experience. It was my birthday and the family prepared me a great dinner, and 2 cakes for me, it maybe sound simple, or not very important, but when you are far from your family and your friends, and your home and everything, it is REALLY good for the heart!
The tasks were simples, few hours of work only.
Milka, the mother of the family, she is Chef, so the breakfast and lunch are the best thing ever!
I totally recomend this experience, i would do it again and again.

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