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My experience in Dundee Backpackers Hostel was amazing!
The job is easy, very organized and done in team. It feels nice to be in a such old building! I went in the winter, so I stood inside almost the whole time. There are several options of places to take your computer and do your own stuff. The reading room, the dinning room, the games rooms, the research room... I recomend for those who work as digital nomads. Once in a while people from the staff organize communal dinners. It's great! I miss that already!
Thank you Laura and Hervé!


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Laura is one of the most unique and special human beings you will have the honor of meeting. There’s nothing she won’t do for you, she is so accommodating, funny, and caring once you get to know her. She even let me stay longer because of this entire Coronavirus situation. You will not be disappointed if you come here and get to work with her. The work is soooo fair and she is so flexible with the schedule so you can go travel on your off days. I will never forget my time here. Thank you ❤️




La experiencia ha sido muy gratificante, el tiempo de trabajo es el acordado, además Laura y Hervé son súper comprensivos con los voluntarios y te ponen facilidades en lo que pueden. El ambiente del hostel es genial entre los voluntarios... Lo único que cambiaría es que Dundee no tiene grandes cosas por ofrecer y se pasa mucho tiempo dentro del hostel...




What can I say? Dundee Backpackers Hostel is heaven on earth <3 From the first day I arrived, I felt welcome and even went out with the staff on my very first night and had a blast. The remaining days were also wonderful as they are very welcoming and kind, truly good people <3 Regarding my work and schedules, super reasonable and not at all difficult. You just have to do your work, apply teamwork skills, and you're set :D The hostel also is very cozy and close to many cool places. I will sincerely miss everyone and remember DBH with the warmest of memories. Thanks for all the love!




Great experience in a super comfortable hostel with the friendship and hospitality of beautiful people!