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We have a great location in Washington, D.C., ideal for anyone wanting to stay in this historic city and explore some of the nations history, or even for those working on internships throughout the city. With the amount of travelers we have visiting us, you will always meet new people, have new experiences and learn new things every single day!

We are fiercely dedicated to providing our guests with their best stay possible. We want people to enjoy themselves as much as they can while visiting us and the city. We treat our staff with the utmost respect, and we are always willing to listen to questions or concerns anyone may have. We are always open to hearing new ideas on how to better improve our business!


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Duo Nomad was a unique experience in my life. I had the chance of knowing USA culture. I can't even count how many cool people I met. Tijaani was a great co worker. Amira and Ellen where good too. The work it´s not that hard and the schedule it´s fair. You can use common areas and cook your food. Really well located and close to New York. Unfortunately I had to go back for a family emergency. But it was an amazing experience!




My experience in Duo Housing was very good, fun, the Staff was very kind, Ellen, Rafael. the host AZ and Sasha always willing to help me and solve doubts, (Thanks for the Christmas present and special Christmas and New Year dinners, I felt at home) the work is easy, the hostel has a good location, it is clean and safe.
I improved my English, and made good friends. thanks AZ for giving me this opportunity, you are the best host with the best energy ever.
I learned a lot from all the culture and places in Washington DC. I would go back :)




It was amazing! I really work hard but i learned a lot with the guys. The manager is so smart, and you can learn just watching how to manage the business. There we had a private staff's room, some food, 2 days off and if you like, party everyday. I really enjoyed my trip! Thanks Duo Housing, AZ, William and all of the staffs i have meet there!


Puerto Rico


Great place to work, amazing location and an even better environment. There is always something to do or somewhere to go in Washington, DC. The hosts are great, responsible, friendly and willing to listen and help at any time. The staff currently working here is awesome (that includes ME) so you will definitely feel like home.




Duo housing has given me one of the best summers of my life! I met a lot of people from all over the world, had the chance to share a lot of adventures with amazing people and learn a lot about different culturas. I really loved being there, all the staff Is amazing, i made great friends and had the best boss i've ever had (by far), everything Is amazing at Duo, if you are planing to go there, don't think it twice! You won't regret!


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