Easy Glamp

Beautifully situated just a short walk from your very own pristine beach, our project can be your home away from home. Situated in what can only be described as a piece of paradise, Saracen Bay is the perfect place to get away from it all and become better acquainted with nature, a hammock and papayas trees. We are two people full time and we have a dorm, a guesthouse, platforms to set up some tents, a bar in the beach and lots of jungle that you can explore. Most of our place it’s handmade, all the volunteers and the staff have the opportunity to change and create something that will improve the project and make it home. So, gardening, woodworking, carpentry, painting, wiring, housekeeping or bartending are some of the tasks that we can suggest you. If an escape from the city is what you’re looking for then you’ll love the peaceful vibe available to you.

We are easy going and always try do create a peaceful atmosphere around our place. Usually people feel home when arrive and we are always available to discuss issues openly as well as for feedback and will work with you to find the best use of your time here. If you enjoy tasks in the open air, simple life, and you are ready to help us to improve Easy Glamp, we would love to hear from you and are confident you will have a nice stay with us! Our house is your house ~ La nostra casa è la tua casa ~ Nuestra casa és su casa

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