Eco Akko

Eco Akko is a small new hostel with good positive vibes that you can help shape. Due to the fact that we are a new hostel, there is a lot of room for creativity and creative thinking. We are located near the sea, in the heart of the historical city. The hostel is close to the train station and to the central bus station.

Eco Akko Hostel is a new hostel and we need dependable, responsible people with a can-do attitude. We are in the proses of gathering a team that would help us keep the good spirit of the place, give advice, guidance, and company to our guests when needed.


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My experience in Eco Akko was awesomee!
The tasks was really easy during the day, like clean bathrooms or help with the clean in the dorm, help to welcome the guests and help with the breakfast! I met a lot of people
Awesome persons, eco Akko team is awesome too Shaya, Sahar, Alberto, ofri and Shiraz all of them are super cool!
Definitely one of my best experiences in my life

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Akko is an incredible town with beautiful sights, deep history, and wonderful friendly people. The hostel is a very warm and friendly place with many interesting and intentional travelers passing through. The staff are so kind and accommodating as well as fun to work with. The responsibility of the volunteer is not so hard, and primarily took place in the morning—setting up and taking down breakfast, tidying up, and doing random tasks around the hostel. This was a very nice experience for me, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a more chill volunteer experience.

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