Eco Estates Sri Lanka

We are looking for people to help with # Helping with Maintenance of the Plantation # Socialmedia promotional work. # Helping with Animal Husbandry # Helping in Building and maintaining FarmHouse # Sharing knowledge and Experience # Growing Your Own Vegetable Patches # Carpentry, macenry and mechanics Help develop and sustain the Plantation and farm house while giving a positive impact on the local community to help improve the ecofriendly farming methods and help better educate the village kids with fun loving, creative thinking crowd. # Learn Coconut Husking, and Cooking with Coconut #Do YOGA outdoors # Planting and Harvesting Fruit trees # Visiting our organic Tea/Coffee Estate in the Hill country # Visiting the Local Community to learn Local Farming Practices # Learning About Animal Husbandry # Producing Organic Fertilizer at the estate # Helping Local low income kids to better educate them # Learn to use local agricultural tools and equipment #Learn to cook like Sri Lankans #Learn "sinhala" Local Dialect # Learn Meditation at the local temple # many more activities included…

Friendly and caring staff will teach you all about farming and other activities. and you will be able to experience what its like to be one of the staff here at the Plantations.

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