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The experience at the eco hostel was great. The shifts were easy and you have a lot of time to cuddle and play with the hostel cat. The managers care about volunteers and I had some good conversations with them. The hostel is cosy and close to the city centre. All in all, I can recommend the eco hostel for volunteering. :)

hace 11 días



My time at the Eco Hostel was amazing! The managers are great, they care about the volunteers, take the time to get to know us. It was easy to communicate with them, anything I ever needed they were always there to help. I had many good laugh with them, they are truly funny.
The work on the reception is very easy and understandable. The hostel itself is cozy, supercool decorations and warm vibes. I felt welcomed from the beginning and I met great people. The hostel is close to the city center and the sfincioni on the corner is the best thing I have ever eaten.

hace 15 días



The worst experience of my life!

Karma and Gabriele are responsible for the hostel, at first everything was going well (apparently), I was working more hours than agreed (I would say maybe 39 hours a week), nothing that was in the profile was offered, payment of €50 weekly was always late!
There’s no security at all!! We were robbed, guests were robbed and they didn’t care!! When I started asking about the cameras and things that was wrong. They asked me to leave because I wasn’t quite anymore .. If you want more details, please, text me and I can explain everything with details.

hace 2 meses

karma respondido

Fortunately the other reviews say the true about us , the genuine place and good relationship that we have with volunteer and guest of hostel . Our policy is always to be friendly and familiar for a good experience of people. we don't care defamation and the new people that will came will understand the truth.



My stay at eco hostel was really nice :). The job itself is pretty easy and I loved meeting Priscilla and Monia! They were so nice. Karma was very welcoming and nice. You work afternoons or nights and are provided with breakfast. I would recommend. The only thing for me was not much hot water in the shower and you share the bathroom with guests. The hostel is close to the city which is very nice. Thank you so much for this opportunity! 😊

hace 4 meses



I can't believe my month at Eco hostel is over, I miss it so much. I was meant to stay for 3 weeks but stayed another week and a half because I felt so at home with the people and the wonderful environment. I wish I could write a very detailed review but I am only given a limited amount of space so I will summarize my experience up in a couple sentences. Very safe, cozy, calm, hostel. Work hours and requirements are super easy, you get a lot of free time. Hosts Gabriele and Karma are like giant teddy bears, they are so sweet and welcoming. Communication and respect was defiantly there. Loved.

hace 5 meses