We're taking the first steps toward creating a self-sustainable, multicultural community in Mendoza province, Argentina's wine country and home to the World's second highest mountain, and endless natural beauty. In order to achieve that, we have created a non-profit, "EcoSur Foundation" and acquired a large piece of land where to build a place where people can thrive in harmony with the environment above all ideologies, nationalities and creeds. The location we've chosen is ideal for the creation of an ecovillage: - It has virgin and very fertile soil, which is excellent for organic agriculture - We have multiple sources of water, including a mile of river running through the 321-Acre farm. - There’s plenty of sand, clay, and other natural materials to replace cement in building. - The community of General Alvear, where we are located, has an exceptional environmental awareness, and a history of struggle to defend the environment and protect natural resources. Currently we are in an advanced stage of building the first EarthShip-inspired home in the farm. “Earthships“ are a type eco home – developed by the architect Michael Reynolds – that are 100% off the grid and fully self-sustainable. They produce their own energy, capture rainwater (and reuse it 3 times), produce organic food and are mainly composed of natural and recycled materials (tires, bottles, cans, etc). The project has received a lot of support from local community and government, which is providing most of the recycled materials used for the construction, through its recycling plant. The house currently being constructed – based on the concept of “Earthships“ is being used to accommodate more volunteers and allow us to expand the eco village.

In just a bit over one year of full time work at the project, we have had more than 400 volunteers passing through, some of whom have returned and some who have and will come back to build their own house and become part of the community. We are offering parcels of land of 1/4 hectare (around 0.6 Acre) for free - in exchange for people to do something for the community they will become a part of - but no money is exchanged and the land isn't sold. Any person of good heart and will is welcome to become part of EcoSur, and so every volunteer that comes also has the invite and potential to stay as well.

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