We are located on the only National Park of Portugal, Peneda-Gerês, surround of pure nature and wild animals. We are a family company that loves animals, and we moved from the capital, Lisbon, to the mountains, chasing our dream. When we receive our guests, we treat them like family, and this is one of the things that makes the difference, and when you meet our horse family you will fall in love :P

Our Worldpackers will be treated like family, and they will be well received. We will share knowledge and for sure they will have an amazing time at our place

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Mariana and Pedro, thank you for this experience, and for opening the doors of your house and your stable!
A few weeks in nature, very quiet, ideal if you want to disconnect. The work is mostly in the barn, and it's a little bit in the morning and in the afternoon, but it's not a lot. The beautiful horses that I was able to get close to, are almost always free in the fields and we would go look for them when we need them. I had the opportunity a couple of times to go out on horseback rides and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
Thank you Mariana & Pedro, and I hope everything continues great!

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Amazing experience. Mariana and Pedro are fun, friendly, hospitable and welcome you in as family. The tasks are easy, I never worked the full 5 hours and had lots of free time. They are very accommodating if you are a reasonable and reliable person. For example they will take you by car to river or other places you want to visit on your free time (I had many hikes with stunning views).
If you have more interest in some subject, they are happy to teach you more about it.
Horses are well looked after and good to ride.
Overall I really enjoyed my stay in Ecotura and would happily return again.

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Pedro and Mariana are the best. They made me feel welcome, heard and appreciated. We had countless interesting talks or just silly laughter. I learned quite a few new skills there, for instance I now am able to ride a tractor thanks to Pedro.
In general, this is an amazing place positioned beautifully right in the national park with great people. As long as you do your Job properly, are respectful, reliable, and with the right mindset, your time there will be lovely.

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It's been a great days, thank you Pedro and Mariana for the treatment, you have been very attentive. The work was not too difficult and the explanations were very clear. The place is spectacular and very quiet. Thanks for everything!!

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Overall, this was a nice experience - some good parts and some not so good parts. The location is beautiful and it’s worth going on some hikes during your time there, and the horses are lovely to work with. Tasks included feeding the horses, taking them to and from the fields, cleaning stables, conditioning the leather etc. definitely learnt a lot about animal care and the Portuguese culture. Found the hosts to be largely nice and accomodating, but can be temperamental and misogynistic at times. Note you will be sleeping in a caravan and will need to use the bathroom inside the house.

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Mariana respondido

Dear Dennae and Sean, we made our first comment in a nice and polite way without pointing our finger to any of the problems that we felt here dealing with you.
This time and because we read that you think we was temperamental and misogynistic we are going to make the real comment and tell you what we really think about your time with us here.
As you can understand reading the previous reviews about us from our previous volunteers , we treat everybody the best we can. We are shocked because we did the same with you, despite we had here someone that since the beginning try to do the less possible and receive the most possible. To be fair we will separate you from Sean
Sean was with us, always correct, available and present, showing a great attitude and being always prepared to help. It was a pleasure receiving him here.
With you it was a completely different experience. Since the first day , we could understand that you came here to ask and not to give. Never any volunteer ask so many special things. Starting with your request to sleep in our guesthouse because, despite we right down in the website that we have horses and many dogs, you apply to come being very allergic to them. And all the special food that you want and we bought for you like the small luxury tomato, or the avocado for your breakfast ( almost 3 euros each here in Portugal) the sliced bread with exactly 14mm, etc. You ask horse lessons and rides in the mountain with the horses. To all of this and much more, despite we are in the middle of our working season, we said always with pleasure, yes . You receive all this wishes. If we were temperamental, as you said in your review, for sure that we would complain with you about your beahviour . But never happened. The amount of hours that you work here was much less than the agreement. Despite of this, more than once, we receive a bad face from you if we ask same help during the day. Sean was always around so it was to him that we ask and give the tasks that need to be done, because you were all the time sleeping in the bed. Maybe because of this you said the we are misogynistic. Several times we went there to call you with no answer. In this times Sean always appear. You ask long weekends, you ask to departure earlier, everything was accepted without complained. Our honest opinion is that you are a nice girl but you are not ready to work out of a office. You don't like to make any kind of fisical effort, that's why you always push Sean to make the things for you. We could continue but we will not do it. We just want that everything goes the best possible with you both. That's why in our first review we didn't said absolutely nothing of this. We are disappoint and sad with your review but we wish you all the good things that you want to achieve.
Best regards
Pedro and Mariana

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