El Andaluso

We are a lively hostel based in the centre of Granada, in the beautiful and sunny Andalucia in Spain It is very centric and close to all public transport networks so you can explore the region during your days off! Our hostel is one of the most rated in the city and we are excited to have someone can help with it! We genuinely care about our volunteers (and guests) experience at our hostel. We strive to provide people with the best possible time in the city, and in the hostel itself. We are extremely social, have a family vibe and an absolutely awesome atmosphere - especially for solo travellers. We aim to include everyone with everything we do; whether it be eating, drinking or doing something fun around the city. You will find a new home and family with our staff; and this extends to all the legendary guests that we host. And that is what sets us apart from any ordinary hostel. We are generally looking for people that are like-minded travellers who will have some experience of travelling & staying in hostels. There are lots of things to help out with - reception, cleaning the rooms, making beds, cooking dinner, socializing with the guests & taking them to tapas tours or pub-crawls. We don't expect you to be able to do all of these things but if you think you can help with any of the above please get in touch! So usually, it is really not hard work, and we are a nice international team who have a lot of fun together! It feels like a family, not like colleagues. ;) Our past & current staff often stay longer than planned because they feel this is a great place to: • Make new friends & world travel contacts with emphasis on cultural exchange! • Improve social skills! • Learn / improve one of the many languages always spoken here by native & others learning that language! • Enrich social life - meet and party with young travelers from every continent! • Enjoy an exciting and unique lifestyle very different from the normal thing at home! • Explore the surrounding The ones who left, they did because were not in touch with the hostel vibe or willing to help. So... if Are you... Energetic? Friendly? Outgoing? And...Hard Worker when needed? Are you looking for a nice place to stay? ( 6-8 weeks minimum) .....and you don’t mind to work for food and accommodation because it is the experience that counts? APPLY !!!

So many amazing people here guys. So many staff make friends for life & so many come back to visit & others to work again! It's a very special international, social experience at our hostel. Big enough for you to meet many new people every day, but small enough to make deeper connections with the ones you really like! Some of our guests or volunteers finished together in relationship that are still going on :D

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La experiencia fue y es algo increíble!!! Seguimos estando aquí, y Marco una persona increíble, seguimos haciendo este voluntariado y la verdad es que estoy súper feliz, hicimos un gran equipo con los demás voluntarios. Ya somos todos familia ♥️. Gracias Marco!!!!




Mi experiencia con Marco fue muy buena, el trabajo es super liviano y depende de los dias hay tareas variadas para hacer. Él es flexible con los horarios y días libre, hay mucho tiempo para recorrer la ciudad o viajar a otras y la ubicación en el centro es perfecta para todas las actividades que hay en la ciudad, el lugar para los voluntarios es grande y hay buena onda entre todos! La vista desde el Ático es la mejor de todo Granada!!


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I’ve done other workaway and this was my first experience with Worldpackers, and my best work exchange yet. I worked with the best team. We all shared an apartment which honestly felt like sharing a house with your family. The hours and work are fair, and the accommodation is perfect :) definitely would recommend to other volunteers!!




Lamentablemente no pude cumplir la estadía pactada debido a que tuve que regresar a mi país por un problema familiar grave.

Durante mi estadía todo estuvo bien. El ambiente es agradable y el espacio para los voluntarios es muy lindo.
Es para sentirse como en casa.




Gran experiencia, conocí personas increíbles y aprendí muchas cosas. El lugar es muy céntrico y tiene vistas súper bonitas.


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