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Our volunteers help with collecting and sowing seeds from native plants as well as planting trees and maintaining plantations. Maintenance work is putting or exchanging protection tubes and creating swells around established trees. We work in any type of weather so please bring comfortable clothing suitable for all weather conditions and outdoor work. Please note the work can be physically demanding, while you don't need to have experience you should be prepared to work outdoors and with tools.

This is a non-profit organization; it was created in 2015 as a response to the bush fire that burnt 8,600 hectares in Sierra de Gata, Extremadura, Spain. We are an International Volunteer Group, who is committed to nature restoration and a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to support the conscious development of a society that values and cares for the natural environment that supports us. We believe we are capable of living in harmony with nature. Yet taking into account the responsibility for its degradation, we do our best to restore the abundance and diversity of the planet. Our actions are self-managed; we collaborate with local administrations but do not depend financially on them. The government of Extremadura gives us permits, materials and plants from their nurseries. Every year between November and February volunteers work with us to collect and sow seeds, plant new trees and maintain the plantations that were planted in previous years. In June every year we mainly do maintenance work and observe/analyze the progress of our work. During our campaigns the council of Villasbuenas de Gata, Extremadura, Spain, provides the local hostel for our volunteers. We cook and eat meals together everyday and sometimes organize activities for the volunteers, for example yoga classes, foraging walks, pizza parties and trips to local areas.


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Aprendí demasiado acerca de las diferentes técnicas de reforestación, ya sea desde una semilla o desde un árbol, las actividades siempre fueron muy variadas, incluso tuve la oportunidad de asistir a conferencias para aprender más acerca de los árboles. Realmente este proyecto dejó en mi ganas de aprender más sobre el tema y aplicar todo lo aprendido en proyectos similares, incluso en mi hogar. Le deseo lo mejor al proyecto y a Bonggi, que siempre demostró un gran amor a la naturaleza, nunca se olvidará su sonrisa y emoción cuando ve que las cosas van bien, el bosque está en muy buenas manos!


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