Emerald Mountain Sanctuary

Highland County, Virginia, is one of the most beautiful and pristine locations on the East Coast. Clean rivers, a diversity of native plants and wildlife, a laid-back lifestyle. We call our property a sanctuary as it provides healing space for animals, plants, and humans.

My husband and I have created our sanctuary after leaving the big city behind. We welcome anyone who wants to deeply immerse themselves into nature and learn how to become a steward to the land. Expect to feel welcome here and experience a healthy lifestyle.


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The hosts were very supportive and engaging. I appreciated their flexibility and encouragement to engage with the community.

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Such a lovely experience! The place is absolutely gorgeous and the hosts were very accommodating and knowledgeable. It was really cool to learn about different wild plants and herbs and learn about how to use certain edible weeds in dishes. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to get in touch with nature and learn more about wild plants.

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