English Playground Gangnam

For integrating with the locals and share your experience and thoughts. You can also find travel mates and get to plan your trip with more variety. Gangnam has a diverse transportation where you can take train&bus to anywhere in Korea.

I have spent almost 10 years in Europe and made this place to provide an environment where the locals and volunteers from abroad can meet to communicate. Everyone is welcomed and I wish they have great experience while staying with us.

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I participated in this program for 3 months and I loved the experience!I would highly recommend it for anyone looking forward making international friends and getting to know a new culture and city from the locals themselves!The schedule at the cafe is kinda flexible, so it will allow you do other activities around the city. Everybody, staff and students are very nice and kind. The accommodation is near the cafe, it might seem a little small but is actually comfy. The hosts will provide basics such as rice, water, soap…
I would definitely come back, I will never forget all the people I met!

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Estados Unidos


-MJ, Tiger, and Dae are so kind!
-The cafe was a fun place to meet Koreans / learn about the culture :)
-Work is only 4 hrs/day so there’s lots of free time!

-Didn't get any rundown when I arrived; found out a lot of things in later on by chance. It felt like a game of telephone between the volunteers
-Many amenities listed (3 meals a day/language lessons/etc) are NOT offered! Ask them for details
-10 volunteers share a 2bd/1 bath apt. and it got VERY messy and gross. Was hard to live in for long

The living space was a let down but the experience in Seoul was wonderful!

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It has been a really good experience for me, I've found really good friends not just in the café but also with the volunteers. I would recomment to others to come here if they are looking for a sharing culture travel, to get in touch with korean locals and also volunteers from all around the world. I'm very grateful, my time there has been amazing.

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Puerto Rico


This experience was truly one of the best experiences I've ever had! The hosts were all super nice and the people at the cafe were amazing as well. I will say though that the highlight of this experience was meeting the other volunteers! Made some amazing friends staying there and the environment was very friendly and fun. It was the best way possible to travel and truly learn about Korean culture.

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It was fun and nice to talk to locals and to find friendships along the way, both in the locals and the other volunteers. I genuinely enjoyed my time spent there. The 4 hours of work a day were definitely more tiring than I expected and there were some issues with the hosts providing us groceries as they were supposed to, but I wouldn't change my time there for anything

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