Estancia Los Cerritos

Here you can experience what it means to interact in the daily life of a Chilean family, learn from the activities we do out in the field, working with animals, or just sit and enjoy a nice firewood and a good conversation.

We have 5 members in our family, Karol, Father, agronomist and administrator of the ranch we live in, Loreto, full-time mom and a veterinarian, we have 2 small children, Vedran and Jure of 3 and 1 respectively, and last but not least our guardian dog, Titan. We are located in a rural area, in the area of Puerto Natales, Chile. We live in a livestock ranch where we work in activities mainly related to cattle and sheep, surrounded by incredible landscapes and nature at its best, we consider ourselves lucky to be able to live this life, among the activities we do around the house everyday are taking care of the chicken coop and the greenhouse. We try to teach our children the importance to be respectful of all life and the environment around us. To give back to the earth what we take from it is that we have a composting and vermicomposting system, and at the same time we try to recycle everything that we can we still have a long way to go to say that we are totally successful at this. We would love to be able to teach what we know to anyone who would like to come and learn from everything we can offer, as well as receive and learn from those who want to come and help and bring their knowledge.

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