Eterij de Notaris

We are easygoing, having fun while working is important. Wednesday and Thursday the restaurant is closed. These days we can discover the Netherlands: visiting Amsterdam, one of the islands, sailing, and enjoy the beautiful places in our country! As a volonteer in our restaurant you will be a member of a team of young people all over the world; perfect to learn of other countrys and cultures

No stress, having a good time. Learn of other people, having good conversations and just having a special period and meet nice people! In our restaurant are a lot of tourists; English, German, French, Spanish, so you have contact with a lot of different cultures. In our restaurant we work with the maximum of 5 volonteers. There is a large bedroom for the boys and a much larger bedroom for the girls. Breakfast, lunch and diner is free and you may drink what ever you like. During work no alcohol, but when the work is finished it is nice to have a drink with each other, talking about the working day, sharing experiences and teach and learn from eachother. As owner of the restaurant, i like to show you the nice things of the netherlands. Wednesday and Thursday we are closed, so the perfect time to visit Amsterdam, Go to the Islands, see Giethoorn, take lessons in sailing and do all the things that make being in the Netherlands interesting! Believe me, you will have a good and interesting time in Eterij de Notaris in Heeg!!

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It was a great experience! Work is fair and easy to catch up and it is respected. Luuk is accessible and understanding and he'd show us around on free days. The village is very cozy and welcoming and it is very easy to get to bigger towns and stations by bus.

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I had an amazing time there, I really recommend this experience

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I am so grateful that I had this experience and that it was my first trip outside of my home country. Luuk's commitment to allowing his guests full freedom of their day and his support for everyone's needs made this opportunity very idyllic. His hospitality coupled with the quaintness of Heeg made for the perfect trip. Honestly, this trip changed my life and I highly encourage others to take part in this position.

hace 6 meses



I spent one month here in Heeg working in the restaurant. I came with absolutely no experience on being a waiter, and the volunteers here explained me everything and helped me all the time until I became a real waiter.
Moreover, Heeg is quiet and beautiful, the volunteers are awesome (I learned a lot about different countries and their cultures, which helped me to grow up) and Luuk is always ready for anything you may need.
In summary my stay in Heeg was wonderful, and thought me a lot of valuable lessons for my future life.

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Etej de Noratij was a wonderful experience. Luuk is a very patient person who will try to teach you everything you don't understand. It's usually a new experience for everyone to work in the kitchen or at the tables, so you end up learning everything.Also, improve my English and German a lot because you are always in contact with people from all over. In the village everyone is very friendly, which allows you to connect with the dutch culture more easily. I can only thank Luuk and all my colleagues for such a rewarding experience.

hace 7 meses

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