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A very warm greeting from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam! If you plan to visit Vietnam, we would like to invite you to take part in our working holiday program in Hanoi and Northern Vietnam. Here you will gain an authentic experience of the local way of life, by making real connections with friendly people, by teaching English and living skills to our lovely students, through a safe and reliable homestay with a local family, and on top of that you will be enjoying a variety of entertaining community activities with us. 1. BENEFITS FROM THE PROGRAM - We ask you to work for 4-5 hours a day, 20-25 hours/week, possibly including a few hours during the weekends) in exchange for: * Accommodation (shared bedroom) and two (2) meals a day. We provide food-tour-programs during your period of stay to give you a chance to learn about and taste our traditional and very delicious Vietnamese dishes and beverages. * Exciting and useful community activities (talk shows, movies, charity trips, hangouts, traditional festivals, and events) * Day trips both in and out of Hanoi every month, to explore the picturesque landscape & cultural diversity throughout the northern region of Vietnam. * Certificates, a recommendation letter, and references. In our program, you can choose one of 3 options below - If you stay for 3 months or more, you will receive an allowance ($250 - 300/month, which is more than enough for a decent living) with free food and accommodation. The allowance is available from the second month. Payments will be made at the end of each month. - If you stay for 1 month - less than 3 months, you will receive food and accommodation for free. - If you only can stay for less than 1 month, you will receive 2 meals a day and accommodation at a cost of $80 per week. Regardless of which of 3 options you prefer, you will have to put down a deposit (USD $150) at least 2 weeks before your arrival to secure your position. You will retrieve your deposit right after your stay, however, note that the deposit is non-refundable should you cancel your participation. 2. TYPE OF WORK You will have several tasks to do on a daily basis. You will work hands-on in a real-life environment alongside new friends from different cultures. There are many stimulating activities for you to join, which will strengthen your knowledge, skills, and experiences. Depending on your preferences and specialization, your abilities will be suited to help us with: * Teaching English and living skills - Teaching a class with the help of a Vietnamese teacher - Preparing lessons, handouts and other materials for the class (with the help of a Vietnamese teacher) - Implementing a teaching plan in accordance with the standards of EVS - Designing and improving teaching documents - Supporting related tasks * Marketing work - Promoting our program to others with questions and queries, through channels such as Facebook and our own website - Designing and improving marketing documents - Recruiting/training/working with local partners - Supporting related tasks Besides the information pointed out above, you will work with us to raise funds to provide food and common drugs for the poor, the homeless, the sick and their relatives and families. We ask everyone to do general household chores. Your participation is not only important for maintaining a healthy & hygienic accommodation but is also crucial to create a family-like living environment. 3. REQUIREMENTS: We are looking for someone who… • Is a highly responsible, positive and open-minded. • Has a considerable passion for marketing and teaching. • Has strong interpersonal skills and experiences with working with a wide variety of people (especially adolescents) in a multicultural environment. • Has a bachelor’s degree and working experience in the branches of marketing and teaching. • Is a native English speaker or fluent in English as his/her second language. Native English speakers will be preferred. As mentioned, you will homestay in our home. And our programs aren't the volunteer programs. Please show respect for our customs and norms, and make sure that you suit our requirements. If not, we will ask you to leave our program immediately. If you feel – in any way – that you have been insulted, wronged or misunderstood, do not hesitate to tell us so we can clarify it as soon as possible. In the majority of situations, people’s intentions are good, so it is likely that the “message” you think you “received” was just misinterpreted. 4. ACCOMMODATION You will homestay in our house. It's a modern house with four (4) shared bedrooms (1-2 people per bedroom), three (3) bathrooms, a balcony with a beautiful view overlooking a green & urban area and a kitchen. The living room is spacious with a 50-inch smart-TV and a cozy, Italian sofa. All bedrooms are equipped with AC, high-speed Wi-Fi and cabinets. All housewares are already installed and available to you: bedding, washing machines, refrigerators, water heater, kitchen utensils, a wooden dining table, as well as a comfortable working station with natural lighting. The house is situated only a short walk from West Lake, the largest and most beautiful lake in Hanoi. GETTING AROUND: * The airport shuttle bus number 90 (runs every 15 minutes at the cost of $1.3 USD per ticket) has a stop about 300 meters away from the house. * Uber and Grab taxi/motorbikes (the most convenient option) are widely available as a means of transportation within the city at very affordable & reasonable prices. * Connecting points in distance from our home: Hanoi train station (15 minutes, 4 km); My Dinh bus station – to go anywhere in Vietnam (19 minutes, 6.5 km); Noibai Airport (29 minutes, 24 km); Hanoi Old Quarter (11 minutes, 3 km). * Bus is the cheapest way to get around Hanoi ($30-70 cents), but the route’s duration can vary immensely. * There are plenty of delicious and fresh food options accessible only a short walk away: some local markets, a supermarket, and a lot of Vietnamese and Western restaurants. We will also give you the opportunity to learn how to cook Vietnamese cuisine during your stay – just ask! 5. ENJOY YOUR SECOND LIFE We welcome you to experience the “genuine” day-to-day life side by side with local, ordinary people. We recommend that you explore the surrounding areas on your own and that you take part in extracurricular activities and cultural exchange events with other students and travelers as yourself, such as: * Language exchange cafés, where you meet peers in calm surroundings to teach & simultaneously learn a foreign language. * Food tours & walking tours in and around the Old Quarter to learn about the history of Hanoi and Northern Vietnam. * Physical activities – like running, kayaking, fishing, swimming, jogging, gym, yoga or aerobics – we offer a bountiful here. * Wandering about at the local markets and get lost in the popular night (flower/ fruit/ seafood) markets in our tropical country. A lot of members love to live here to enjoy the: * Colorful daily life with a lot of landscape and rich cultural and historical heritage of Vietnamese around our home. * Pure and cool atmosphere from West Lake * Hectic and interesting nighttime at nice beer stalls, coffee shop, bars & clubs or karaoke just around West Lake. And so much more… We hope you will treat this land as if it were yours, and find useful and fun things to fill your time with while you are here.

We are a dynamic and passionate family social enterprise in Hanoi, which works in the fields of educational development and community tourism. We are running the working holiday program to: - Provide open-learning opportunities for all people without any regards to their economic status. We are cooperating with other community-based organizations, social enterprises, and educational centers to provide low-cost/reasonable priced lessons to our students. - Provide a friendly & comfortable HOMESTAY (a cozy HOME far from HOME) where you can live a different life as you desire, work and travel with others to discover the extravagant beauty of the local culture and landscape in Hanoi and Northern Vietnam, which very few travelers would ever experience. - Help travelers in Hanoi in urgent and difficult situations; those who are subject to scams, lost luggage or those who arrive late at night and have problems getting from A to B. We warmly welcome people who are caring and possess a strong willingness to take part in our program. Join our team to seize the chance to be part of something real, to be useful to others and to engage in a unique adventure where tons of amusement is destined to occur!

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It was a really amazing experience!
They are so friendly and welcoming! They took care of me and showed me the way and I meet there friends.
I wish I had more time with them!
I did 2 worldpackers volunteers, but this one is definatly the best!!!
I recommend everyone to go here and have a wonderful time!
5 star review for them on everything. I hope once to come back!!!
If you have any question to me about my experience, feel free to ask! (:

9 meses atrás


I stayed with EVS Vietnam last month and I have nothing but good words for them. Although I only stayed a week with them because of the TET holidays, I had an amazing volunteering time. In exchange of a nice private room at their apartment, I attended some English classes and charity works where I got to interact with a lot of locals. Outside of the volunteering time, the volunteer hosts let me experience more of the Vietnamese culture by taking me to places and having me try Vietnamese cuisine which I appreciate very much. These are things I don't think I would do if I stayed in hostels.

casi 2 años atrás

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