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Ha Giang is considered as homeland of Snow Shan tea where the tea plant has its origins. In here, there are still many mountains where tea grows "wild" and is harvested by the local people. Ancient organic Shan tea mountains in Ha Giang are owned by the Red Yao, Tay, H'mong tribes. These tribes live in small and peaceful villages in the upper mountains; harvest and produce their precious tea from generation to generation. The ancient Shan tea trees in Ha Giang have been recognized as national heritage trees, we focus on education, responsible tourism and local indigenous knowledge conversation. Aim to: -Improving the capacity for farmers in ancient Snow Shan tea villages by introducing livelihood models base their indigenous knowledge, include tea, develop these diversified livelihoods models -Enhance knowledge on the role of ancient Snow Shan tea trees for the income and food security of hill tribes, reduces poverty and increases resilience to the expected impact of climate change. -Focusing on building entrepreneurial capacities of local youth to exploit business opportunities in relationship between tea and tourism, empowering them to start up local businesses and work off their own skill sets. We are happy to welcome volunteers who are willing to bring extensive experience to our program with an independent and altruistic approach that guarantees effective and authentic skills transfer and mentoring. Please consider yourself as responsible travelers to worthwhile causes and with our social impact. Volunteers can help us with: -IT skills, developing technical skills and community project -Supporting vocational training program, equipping youth with the skills and knowledge; -Help with social media for Tea House -Implementing marketing strategies for fair trade products (for long term volunteers) -Making documentary film about natural organic tea mountain of local tribes to promote tea products & responsible tourism services for local; - Help with conservation program for local indigenous knowledge with every component of program. Our tea house located at the gate of ancient Shan tea village, it is a colorful village with beautiful natural scenery at the foot of Tay Con Linh mountain (known as the roof of Northeast Vietnam). Here you can find many unique traditional cultural values of the Red Yao people. The ancestral tea trees have been recognised as heritage trees of Vietnam, their past woven into the tribe’s equally rich history of customs and traditions for thousands of years. Take part in our program, volunteers will have opportunities to discover lot of fantastic mountain scenery over the whole area, learn about local indigenous knowledge of hill-tribes. Moever, volunteers have been drawn to this program for more varied reasons: it is not only to learn skills in tea but also they can start a business back home (why not!)

We are an official social enterprise located in the north of Vietnam which is established under Vietnam Enterprise Law and operate as a commercial organization but must commit to investing at least 51% of annual profit in registered social or environmental goals. Our enterprise commits to reinvest the entire profit generated to improve sustainable livelihood for local ethnic minority youth and local indigenous knowledge conservation. Our business focus on education, responsible tourism and local indigenous knowledge conversation. Our team is made up of locals in order to provide to our participants with the best travel through our shared experience. We live in our villages, we work here, and we have a passion for community development program which we share with all participants from parts of the world, bringing you the opportunities to discover and make a difference by helping local ethnic minority people. We know our region and we speak the language, we are also good at English to talk with you about the interesting legends of our motherland ! All volunteers will live in dormitory with well equipped furnitures, strong wifi, clean toilet, hot water. Locals and volunteers will prepare lunch and dinner daily with meat and vegetarian options.

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Overall great experience! we went picking up the tea and processing it, learnt how to work with bamboo and taught to the local children English in the weekend! definitely recommend, staff was awesome, felt like home !

1 mes atrás


Ha Giang Tea House is a very unique experience, a quirky magical place, with a giant teapot out the front, and many interesting characters inside, everything infused with the good smell of tea and the taste of peacefulness. We did tea picking, built a bamboo pen for the piglets, taught English to the local children, went on beautiful hikes and excursions, rode motorbikes, cooked, did yoga... it is place where your many talents will be appreciated. And spent many nights drinking tea and playing card games :) Many volunteers and staff to spend time and socialize with.

2 meses atrás


It is an amazing place to volunteer! The people and the kids are kind and generous. I taught just a bit of english and in exchange I got such a great experience, delicious food and friends for life. Love this place!

12 meses atrás


Highly recommendable!

más de 1 año atrás

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